Turn Your Animated Videos into Compelling Stories.

Animations are fast becoming the most widely used video marketing type. With more than 59% of the video advertisements share already, the adoption of animated videos is increasing even faster. The reason why they are so popular is their extremely affordable yet effective consumer appeal thanks to their infotainment character.

You need to come up with your own brand of creativity to impress your customers now…

Simple videos or, for that matter, blogs are not enough to execute competitive marketing today. The customers of today are addicted to pampering. In most of the general-consumer niches, anything that’s plain marketing won’t impress them anymore.

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That said, the Customer Reviews have made them so powerful that they nearly own your business now. Their likes and dislikes may have a huge impact on your success. In such a scenario, you have to compete in a hyper-competitive environment where you need some top-notch storytelling to win it.

This is where Animations sneak in…

They make telling compelling stories a breeze. They help you make it more informative yet easy to consume, emotionally fulfilling, and catering to the individual needs. They also allow you to flexibly experiment with different ideas and video styles without wasting many resources.


In this article, we will dig deep into the nature of animated video marketing and its sole benefits for your business.

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Types of Animated Videos for Marketing and Personal Branding

There are many different types of animated videos but the following 8 types are the most common ones.
They all carry a somewhat unique style and each of them requires a different animation technique.
All of them are easy to master with the tools mentioned in this article.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

They are one of the simplest types of 2D animations that can describe complex services like insurance packages or cloud services quite neatly.
If your idea has extensive details, whiteboard animations can easily convert them into a mesmeric story that will allow the viewers to concentrate fully on your content.

Basically, whiteboard animations are simple character illustrations, one after the other, mostly done in black and white. Their no-mess explainer nature allows your viewers to get a clearer and more engaging message. That is why they are extremely popular, especially in the B2B market.
Here is an excellent example of a whiteboard animation explainer video.

Motion Graphic Animated Videos

Motion graphic videos are simply minimalistic illustrations and graphics converted into video. They help you share hard data and written information in a convincing and lucid way.
If you have a long list of texts, symbols, charts, or symbols, motion graphic videos are probably the best way to convert them into a consumable and less time-consuming format.

In fact, with motion graphics, you can literally break down any abstract or technical concept, and make it understandable at a common human level.
Moreover, one of their types, Animated Infographic Videos helps you to convert a whole script of data and facts into a video. They aim to educate people in a fairly engaging way, without making it too elaborate and boring.

The following Apple ad is a perfect example of how some elegant motion graphics and their movements can have an impact.

Cartoon Animation Videos

Cartoon animated videos are as popular among adults as cartoons are among kids. Already, most of the explainer video ads are cartoon styled, and there are strong reasons for that.
The most hot-selling thing on the internet has always been humor & comedy, and cartoon animations carry a powerful chunk of humorous appeal.

Basically, cartoon animated videos are a fairly adventurous and fun way to express yourself. You can take help from lots of pop-ups, comedic phrases, colors, expressive characters, and a hyper-detailed environment to create a unique cartoon theme of your own brand. You can then replicate the same to remind your consumers of your unique presence on different platforms.
This cartoon animated video ad from Cadbury may help you know more about this type:

Live-Animated Video

It’s not a compulsion to choose between Live-Action and Animations. You can always combine both these styles to produce optimal results, but it may take some taste and editing.
The problem that most video makers often face is that plain Live-Action videos are most often dull.

Unless you come up with a humorous and extremely communicative personality on screen, the long details of the video can make you lose your viewership.
However, animated pop-ups and cartoons can easily solve this problem, and turn the boring texts and paras into enthralling pictures. In fact, the combination of the both usually has a double-barreled effect.

Where Live-Action brings a powerful element of authority and trust, Animations can make your expression more piercing and detailed without bothering your viewers.
Note: make sure you shoot your live-action in high-definition resolution.
Have a look at this ad with a cool combo of live-action and animations.

Silhouette Animation Videos

This style shows an animated character in the form of a silhouette (a dark, face-shaped outline of a fictitious person focused in a brighter background, or vice versa.)
Their main forte is that they offer an animated substitution of a real character. Generally, people tend to trust real characters. In the absence of a real, trustworthy face, Silhouette characters can help you establish that trustworthiness.

That is why they are mostly used to introduce a new product. They highlight these products exclusively, shadowing everything else. Basically, they have a psychological illusion that tricks viewers into believing in the utility of the product.

There are many Silhouette templates available that are fully customizable to your own brand’s colors. If a dark silhouette looks scary, you can always change its outlook, voice, tone, BG shadows, and literally anything.

The following example can be helpful:

Screencast Animation Videos

Screencast animations generally help with the explainer videos when you share your screen work on the internet in the form of videos. Animations make such videos easy to digest and engaging by adding all the necessary animation pinches.

Many a time, you’ll need to explain your websites, apps, products, etc. by sharing the videos of your working with their user interface.
This is where the screencast animations crawl in. They can improve your customers’ watch experience by a huge margin. Screencast animation videos make your explainers far more interesting and lightweight.

They simply skyrocket the instructive character of your videos. Whereas, without such animations, you would be totally dependent on the mouse work and your voice.
Moreover, some chic background music can further empower the animated story you are going to tell. The following example may help you grasp the idea fully.

3D Animation Videos

Next up are 3D animation videos. They move in 3 dimensions, so are more visually attractive. Popular among the Gaming and Virtual Reality sections, 3D animation videos are mostly used to elevate the visuals of physical products like electronics, mobile phones, watches, etc.

The design nuances of such appliances can make a huge difference between them and their competition. But any advantage in this regard is useless if these nuances are not highlighted.
Through 3D animation videos, you can highlight your product with such elegance that every bit of it gets its due attention. Basically, they help your customers get a 360-degree visual exposure to the mechanical configuration of your product.

However, you need to craft these videos using some heavy 3D animation builder tools like Blender.

Note: To ensure a minimalistic and fine result, you have to be a master editor. The cost of production may also be high.
The following Robotic System ad is a perfect example of how 3D animations can illustrate the nuances.

Text Overlay Animation videos

This type of animated videos includes overlaid text with cutaway photos in the background that provide the necessary context at each transition.
They are extremely suitable for how-to, recipe sharing, short history telling, or tutorial type of videos.

Basically, texts or pictures-with-texts floating in a super captivating video are an excellent idea to gain customers and engagement on social media. As much as 85% of Facebook and Instagram users like to watch the video with BG voice off, and the Text-Overlay style comes to help here.

The social world is still addicted to the text way of information exchange, and such videos simply exploit this social navigation habit of consumers. Animations here help you up the ante by making the texts and images attractive and less elaborate.

Text overlay videos are easy to make with simple online tools like Moovly, etc. Here is an excellent example.


Background Music Themes at Foximusic: High-Quality Royalty Free Music

Most of the time, your videos need some captivating music to capture your audience’s attention and support your video’s mood at the same time. The spirit-rich catalog at Foximusic has all the music ingredients you need to enrich your animated videos.
To help you find the right music for your videos fast, we created some hand-curated playlists divided into 3 main categories: Themes, Genres, and Moods.

Each category contains a number of playlists that contain up to 30 tracks. Have a look at two of these themes that might be a good place to start:

Theme for explainer videos

About 20 versatile music scores that can simply rejuvenate your animated explainer videos.

Smells Like Spring

Breezy and warm, featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric piano, and drums to create a happy and hopeful mood.
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Warm and fresh, featuring piano, acoustic guitar, whistles, and a delicate groove that creates an optimistic, feel-good mood.
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Best Of You

Motivational and driving, featuring pulsing guitar and corporate elements to create an inspiring mood.
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Be The Change

Driving and breezy, with pop-rock elements to create a positive and motivational mood.
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Good News

Inspiring, building, emotional, building, hopeful, creating a mood of success and accomplishment.
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Acoustic Breeze

A soft acoustic pop, creating a relaxed and warm atmosphere.
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Explore more tracks for explainer videos

French Touch

About 12 debonair music beats to enhance the personality of your brand by giving your videos a unique, elegant and stylish feel.

Walking on Water

Floating and delicate, featuring soft piano and cinematic elements that creates a dreamy, contemplative mood.
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A Tale Of Inspiration

Heartfelt and nostalgic with cinematic elements to create a hopeful and heroic mood.
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Lotus Bloom

Pulsing, dreamy and flowing, with minimal cinematic elements and elegant lo-fi beats.
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Beyond Imagination

Warm piano and strings to create an epic heartwarming and reflective mood.
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Birds Eye View

Pulsing, spacey and flowing, with minimal cinematic elements.
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Unsolved Mystery

Pulsing, spacey and flowing, creates an intriguing innovative mood.
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Explore more tracks on the French Touch theme

There are other exclusive music themes for you to choose from.

Exclusive Benefits with Royalty Free Background Music at Foximusic

The Royalty-Free music at Foximusic is the ultimate savior option for your video music needs. Among all the music options normally at hand, this one is surely the best. Let me explain.

Many a time, people hire professional singers who create music for their customers for a lofty sum. On other occasions, people fall prey to the so-called ‘free music’ option. This free music is easily available on the internet and allowed to be used in any of your projects. But this is only a few days honeymoon.
In fact, both the options seem to be not recommended for companies, SMB’s or freelancers.

The first one is too expensive for the possible benefits, whereas the other one is usually an undependable option. They simply lure you into using their ‘free’ music, you then use it across your videos, and then they start demanding a fee for it which is usually an arm and a leg. Of course, you can’t pay that lavish fee, and your project comes to a halt.

So to avoid this mess, you want to go with a reliable and long-term option that is Royalty-Free music at Foximusic. Royalty-Free means you don’t have to pay a share of the revenue to the music owner at each play. You simply pay once, and then you own the rights to use the music as per the agreement.

You won’t pay again and again. The long-term and cost-effective licenses at Foximusic are available for all the chic music items mentioned above.
Moreover, you can always negotiate prices if you have bulk orders.

5 Record-Breaker Tools to Create Stunning Animated Videos

The biggest advantage of animated videos is that you do not have to hire expensive artists and professionals to bring colors to your videos.
You can simply simulate anything with the help of some easy-to-use tools.

Tool #1: Animate CC

Animate allows easy creation and publishing of all kinds of animations including vectors. It offers a vast array of exclusive features to furnish your videos with dazzling illustrations. Moreover, its high editing-adaptability makes it one of the most widely used animation tools for videos.


  • Extensive library with countless attractive characters, audio rigs, backgrounds, and motion assets.
  • Use infographics and animated Doodles and Avatars to enhance the quality of your videos.
  • An all-round eLearning action library to grace your educative aims.
  • Adobe Fresco Live brushes and Pressure & Tilt sensitive brushes allow perfect sketches and drawings. You can now simulate the bloom of real things.
  • Utilize frame-by-frame tuning to customize character talk, blink, and walk according to your taste.
  • Create interactive web animations that respond accordingly to user interactions such as clicks, mouse hovers, etc.
  • Craft natural-looking animations by allowing the features of Rigging and Warping to complement each other.
  • Moreover, import and work content from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop with ease.


Unique Standing: Its vast web publishing capabilities allow smooth interactivity for heavy animation ads on any browser or website.
Pricing: $21/month

Tool #2: PowToon

PowToon, an elegant web-based tool, requires zero pre-hand experience to create the animations of your choice. With its simple drag & drop builder and spectacular library of templates, you can create countless breath-taking video animations for literally any micro-niche!


  • Create HD animations of up to 60 minutes in length within no time.
  • The free version allows unlimited videos of length 3 minutes or less, which is enough to fuel your ads business.
  • A huge collection of amazing props, texts, millions of characters, video clips, and more to work on.
  • Hundreds of video templates with support for tens of different video categories including onboarding orientations, whiteboard presentations, motion graphics, and much more.
  • Enjoy greater control over your crafts with advanced animation features like scrolling effects, zoom in and out, swipe effects, etc.
  • Enjoy PowToon cloud, seamless teamwork, support for multiple projects, etc.
  • Multi-platform & multi-file development.


Unique Standing: Online development means you don’t have to arrange expensive computer hardware to be creative. PowToon responds reasonably well even at a low Wi-Fi speed.

Pricing: A free version and multiple paid plans. However, The PRO+ version is a great offer at $70/month with unlimited exports.

Tool #3: Animaker

Animaker is probably the only web-based tool that covers the entire list of ins and outs of animated video development. Its hallmark is its world’s largest library of 100 million+ usable assets including animation characters, colorful themes, and backgrounds.

Moreover, creating stunning animated videos here is extremely easy. Just pick your design, drag & drop to personalize each bit of it, and publish it on the platform of your choice.

  • Features:
    Quickly repurpose any imported video into animated form.
  • Apply thousands of exclusive cool filters and effects and utilize a vast range of sound clips.
  • Get access to the assets of the famous Getty and Giphy library.
  • Seamless transitions between keyframes.
  • More than 20 consummate facial expressions to rejuvenate your animated characters.
  • Contrary to the other online tools, it offers a mammoth import pipeline, without compromising on the speed.
  • Its AI-led virtual assistant helps you spot the right assets for your videos.
  • High levels of audio and visual customizability despite its drag & drop style.
  • Apply breathtaking animations and effects with only a small amount of mouse work.

Unique Standing: The Smart Move feature saves your ass from the nag of the cumbersome placement of objects with a mouse. Its intelligent Movement Assistant anticipates well your design intentions, and assists accordingly.

Pricing: Basic plan costs $120/year.

Tool #4: Moovly

Head to the blank canvas, pick an attractive template from the hundreds of choices, select your animations variety, place them at the places of your choice, and that’s it. Your video is ready!!
Moovly is a drag & drop online video maker that you can use to craft awesome animated videos within minutes. Its powerful animation library is so rich that you really have to skip a lot of options before you decide on Your final choice.


  • A large variety of templates for any professional use: build explainer videos, social media ads, business promos, product descriptions, and whatnot.
  • Moovly’s mobile app is equally usable as its web-based tool.
  • Bring to life the animated motions and transitions with its hundreds of exclusive BG voices.
  • Unlike other tools, its free version offers all the features.
  • Put the work off your shoulders by utilizing its amazingly accurate video automation and automatic captions & subtitles available in multiple languages.
  • You can create any types of videos be it doodle-styled, animated, motion graphics, or any other trendy type.
  • Enjoy smooth workflow by integrating Moovly and your brand assets with servers of your other companies.


Unique Standing: Get style support for all business niches including Real Estate, IT, Healthcare, Government, Services, etc.

Pricing: It’s absolutely free in the Creator and Education categories. However, the PRO version for creators costs $149 per year.

Tool #5: Blender

Now you can simply overturn the traditional boundaries of animation development with Blender. It’s a free 3D Animation tool that you have to install on your PC. With its multiple layered animated videos and thousands of filters, it literally allows you to add amazingly rich substance to your content.

However, you have to learn it first before you start creating it. Hardware might be another constraint as well.


  • Real-time feedback with live previews, intelligent suggestions, and histograms.
  • Enjoy matchless control over nuances.
  • Perfect audio mixing, scrubbing, and syncing capabilities.
  • Exclusive features like Chroma Vectorscope and Luma Waveform allow you better control over colors and image customizability.
  • A mighty pipeline with support for more than 30 files to support professional animation making.
  • Extremely efficient speed and movement controls.
  • Enjoy seamless development with its smooth transitions and flexible keyframes.
  • Unique character-pose editor, direct drawing, and simulations for a diverse range of natural phenomena, etc.

Unique Standing: Its UV Mapping feature. Now you can model your 2D videos in 3D with just one click.

Pricing: Available for free.

Wrapping it up

Animated videos have already shot ahead in the marketing world. In fact, they are expected to take even bigger strides in the near future. By 2025, at least three in four internet users will consume short videos daily. So, it has become imperative for all marketers to master this cash-cow marketing strategy.

That said, the right animation style for the right content is another key decision that this article must have helped you with. Another key factor here is the background music for which the Royalty-Free music at Foximusic can be the best choice. If you have any queries in this regard, please leave a comment.


This track is watermarked by Foximusic and should only be used for testing and previewing purposes. Using this in projects is not allowed.


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You can use this music for free in your online videos (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram)

You just have to give attribution link as follows:
Music by: https://www.foximusic.com