Marketers have found video format as a new way of marketing their products. The video format is engaging and attracts more and more people. It is one of the easiest ways to attract more traffic in just a few minutes.

As more and more, marketers are shifting to videos for commercializing their products, new trends are seen every year. Different websites are improving their video trends to make it easy for companies to publicize their products.


As days are passing new trends are coming in social media. Different websites are coming up with innovative ideas to help it easier for people to post videos. Here are 6 trends that you need to try in 2019.


With passing days, the websites are working on increasing the quality of the video. For, nobody would prefer watching a low-quality video. That is why, when you are making a video, what matters most is the quality in which you are presenting it. According to some people, the quality wins when compared with the quantity of video. A good quality 1-minute video can attract large traffic that a 10-minute video can’t.


Use of videos is becoming increasingly popular to target the people. You can explain your entire motive to the people in just 2-3 minutes. This is the simplest and effective way to target more people to your brand.


A/B testing means comparing two things for the same purpose, concluding one better than others. A/B video editing is becoming increasingly popular in making videos. There is different software that can help you test the videos. So you always come up with something great.


It has been found that a video with a strong story-line will leave a deep impact on people. It means it is going to attract more people. Thus, storytelling is becoming one of the increasing trends. You must have seen different commercials with a story in them.


Facebook is one of the most used social media site. It has always kept pace with the latest trends. Thus, Facebook has come up with something that is completely new. You can add live videos on your profile. Live videos are becoming very popular since its launch. It gives a chance to interact with people through live comments. Giving you an opportunity of gaining more traffic.


In order to gain more traffic, your videos should be engaging. There are many ways how you can make your videos engaging.  Adding a story to your video is one of the most effective ways of doing it. It has been found that the commercials with an emotional story-line will engage more people.

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Using videos for publicizing products is increasing day by days. That is why different social media websites are coming up with different trends to help you out. These were some of the latest trends of 2019 that you need to try.

Written by Andrew Williams

Music Licensing and Marketing Enthusiast, Foximusic.