Music is a pivotal aspect of video content creation which is why you need to figure out how to find the best legal music for YouTube or any other video platform you want to use.

The reality is that even if a track may seem perfect for your video, you can deal with some copyright infringements if the content creator is not going to grant you a license to use that piece.

royalty free music for youtube

What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music is the type of licensed music for YouTube and video platforms that you will need. This is a type of licensing that simplifies the entire licensing process quite a lot. It removes the need to negotiate any license fees with the PROs. What it does is it gives you the right to use any copyrighted royalties without having to pay for any recurring use.

Simply put, you will need to purchase the license only once, and you can easily use that piece of music for as many times as you want. That’s what makes Royalty Free music so impressive, the fact that it’s indeed legal music for YouTube, and you can use it all the time if you purchase a license once.

Royalty free music – Is that free??

The name put on royalty free music makes it feel that it is indeed something handed free of charge. But the reality is that there are some pieces of royalty free music that you can get for free. Most of the time, this music is licensed under the Creative Commons or Public Domain licenses.

However, the vast majority of royalty free music pieces are paid for. Their prices will differ, but you can easily acquire them from a website like Foximusic. The great thing about these musical pieces is that they can suit a wide range of video types, and they aren’t that expensive either. Plus, they do tend to pertain to various categories like action, epic, upbeat, acoustic, cinematic, tech and so on.

What if I get a copyright claim by YouTube for music license?

Showing that you have a license for the music will remove the copyright claim all the time. That being said, if you use legal music for YouTube such as royalty free music, you won’t have to deal with these copyright claims at all. The idea here is simple, focus on the YouTube rules and make sure that you use only royalty free music for all your videos.

The fact that there are so many types of royalty free music out there is certainly going to come in handy. Plus, do remember that each time you get a musical piece, you can reuse it as many times as you want. Reading the license for that musical piece will give you a better understanding of what you can do with it and if there are any limitations.

So, if you want to find some good legal music for YouTube, then royalty free music is certainly the best option for you. Consider giving it a shot right now, and you will see that this type of music is widely accepted on all video websites, including YouTube!


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