One of the best ways to inform and engage your audience is to create explainer videos.

There are many reasons why you can see startups explainer videos because these tend to be affordable, easy to grasp and they also connect very well with the audience in the long run. That’s why you need to invest in creating a good explainer video as fast as possible, and your business is certainly going to grow quite a lot thanks to this!

Explainer Videos For Startups

What is an Explainer Video?

As the name suggests, an Explainer Video is that type of video you create to explain a particular topic, idea or to introduce a product on the market. The Explainer Video is all about using animation or even regular footage to explain customers more about a wide range of things. Explainer videos can be about your company; they can be about your services, the way you create your products and so on.

You can even create explainer videos if you are hosting a giveaway and want to show people how to enter it. As long as the viewer will learn something at the end of the video, this will be a great explainer video.

A good explainer video has to be short, simple, focused on your audience’s problems and it also needs to be high quality. Most of the time, adding professional voiceover, animated characters, branding colors, and music for explainer videos will help enhance production quality. As a result, you will have a much more cohesive and interesting video.

Types of Explainer Videos

What type of Explainer Videos are there? Believe it or not, there are plenty of different Explainer Video types, and each one focuses on a specific type of approach. First, you have the 2D character animation, which is self-explanatory. Then you also have live action, screencast, typography, stop motion, live action with track elements, 3D animation, 2.5d animation, 2D motion graphics as well as whiteboard animation videos.

All of these can be used to properly promote your ideas adequately. Adding music for explainer videos will help these great content pieces stand out even more!

Cool examples:


Dollar Shave Club

Why should you use an Explainer Video for your business?

You will note that once you add an Explainer Video for your company, you will be able to access the following benefits:

  • The conversion rates are increased exponentially
  • Your music for explainer videos adds more immersion, and it keeps users invested in the content
  • You generate an increased interest
  • Videos help you rank better in Google
  • You can easily clarify the product objectively
  • The website gets a lot more traffic
  • Your pitches come alive
  • The audiences retain lots of information

Yes, with help from a high-quality Explainer Video you can easily generate a lot of leads. The idea is to know how to tackle the situation and focus on results as much as you can. Start creating the best Explainer Video right now, post it online and then you can generate more conversions. Not only that, but people will be way more interested in your offer, and that’s helping you with branding as well!


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