Creating YouTube videos is tough, but many times this is only half the struggle. It can be very demanding and challenging to promote your videos too, especially if you have no marketing experience.

That’s why it can be a very good idea to opt for YouTube marketing services, as they can help you optimize your videos and get them on top of the search engine results. But how can you start marketing your YouTube videos yourself? Be sure to check out YouTube’s updated terms of service here.

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YouTube video SEO optimization

Optimizing YouTube videos is very important, and the way you do that is by understanding what the search engine wants. Usually, you want videos that are around 10 minutes long or more. Ads are added every 10 minutes or so, which means that very long videos can have multiple ads and generate more revenue. Then you also have to use specific video keywords and include them in your content. Try to make sure that your description is also optimized, and even add a keyword in the video title.

YouTube channel optimization

Your channel needs to have a lot of information on it. Make the channel complete by adding playlists, completing the information about your channel, maybe even create a welcome video for your audience. This shows that the YouTube channel is active and that it cares about its customers

Reply to comments

This is a very important thing that goes beyond YouTube video optimization. You want to interact with people and generate clients, so always try to reply to many comments. This will show your audience that you care about them, and in the end, this will surely lead to a very good return on investment for your endeavor.

Join YouTube groups

Sometimes, the best way to get exposure is to join YouTube groups. This will allow you to showcase your content to other people that would not find you otherwise. It also gives a sense of connectivity to the audience, so they will surely embrace your channel’s content and maybe even share it with their friends.

Create Lists

People can find playlists online, as they can be searched separately from the videos if you want. The idea is to have lists that make sense and which include a keyword in their name. This way you know that people interested in them will be able to find this sort of content in no time.

Learn from others

Learning from other people is a very important thing to take into consideration. The idea is that you can watch tutorials or you can ask a successful YouTuber to be your mentor. As long as you do that and you connect with as well as learn from others, the results can be very good. You just need to have the time, focus and commitment needed to handle all of this. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but it will surely offer you the benefits and help you need!

Doing YouTube video optimization and YouTube marketing is crucial if you want to be known on the platform. That’s why you need to start using all these tips to acquire the best results. It’s not going to be a walk in the park right away, but it will surely offer you the type of exposure you want for your YouTube videos!

Background music for YouTube videos

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