Explainer videos for startups

One of the best ways to inform and engage your audience is to create explainer videos. There are many reasons why you can see startups explainer videos because these tend to be affordable, easy to grasp and they also connect very well with the audience in the long run. That’s why you need to invest […]

Can I use royalty free music on YouTube?

Music is a pivotal aspect of video content creation, and this is why you need to figure out how to find the best legal music for YouTube or any other video platform you want to use. The reality is that even if a track may seem perfect for your video, you can deal with some […]

Best Background Music for Videos

As a video creator, you always want to make sure that your videos are fun to watch. Most of the time, the video content on its own can be interesting, but let’s face it, this doesn’t make the experience complete. You do need some audio too. And most of the time, finding the right audio […]

10 Video Marketing Stats For 2017

In the past few years, YouTube has managed to become a fruitful business for plenty of content creators. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a motivational music track, play games or just share vlogs with people, YouTube is the right way to do it. But the reality is that video marketing has changed […]

Keep your YouTube monetization control

YouTube monetization What a lot of people don’t know nowadays is the fact that YouTube has a very strict monetization system. In fact, if you use any type of music that is known to be copyrighted, you will deal with a copyright strike. This is not a pleasant thing to deal with at all, and […]

6 trends video marketers need to try in 2017

Marketers have found video format as a new way of marketing their products. The video format is engaging and attracting more and more people. It is one of the easiest ways to attract more traffic in just a few minutes. As more and more, marketers are shifting to videos for commercializing their products, new trends […]