Royalty Free Music

City Of The Future

Dreamy and pulsing electronic tune to create an inspiring futuristic mood.

Catch Me If You Can

An indie-pop song with an uplifting beat and cool sound.

The Spark Of Life

Inspiring and magical, with production / film scores cinematic elements.

Rise and Shine

Bright and shimmering, with pop-rock elements to create a spirited mood.

Be Yourself

Groovy Low-Fi royalty free indie pop soundtrack.

Supreme Love

Stylish electro-pop song with a dynamic arrangement.

Dynamic Corporate Theme

Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel.

Stomps and Claps

Stomps & Claps action percussion soundtrack for a cool energy boost.

Dare To Win

Bold and cool, featuring rock elements and synthesizers to create an intriguing mood.

It’s a Beautiful Life

Positive and bright corporate track with a light motivational mood.

Generation Z

Pulsing and inspiring, featuring dynamic buildup to create an innovative mood.

My Inspiring Story

An inspiring, cheerful, hopeful and beautiful cinematic soundtrack.