All Soft Ambient

Positive Vibes

Motivational and uplifting music that evokes the feeling of success.

New Opportunity

Calm and positive royalty free background instrumental music.

Waiting For A sign

Relaxing, contemplating, airy, ambient. Creating a warm and hopeful mood.

My Inspiring Story

An inspiring, cheerful, hopeful and beautiful cinematic soundtrack.

Eternal Bliss

Atmospheric and spacious to create a blissful and inspirational mood.

Far From Home

Relaxing, contemplating, inspiring, ambient. Creating a warm and colourful mood.

Colourful Moments

Soft uplifting, smooth, fresh, creating a mood of happiness and satisfaction.

I Believe In You

Upbeat electronic instrumental music with a bright lounge feel.

Hot Summer Chill

Groovy uplifting chilout lounge to create a carefree and optimistic summer mood.

Beautiful Destination

Inspirational and uplifting, with ethnic elements, creating a motivational mood.

Activate Your Chakras

Ethnic, meditative, calm, and colorful soundscape soundtrack.


A motivational ambient soundtrack for tech and innovative projects.