All Children's / Fun

Little White Fox

Light and sneaky cinematic tune, creates an enchanting and playful mood.

A Reason To Smile

Uplifting ukulele and xylophone pop song, creating a happy and positive mood.

Hurry Up it’s Christmas

A cheerful orchestral soundtrack with heartwarming Holiday & Seasonal mood.

The Royal Show

Inspiring and magical, creating an uplifting and heartwarming mood.

Hakuna Matata

Optimistic, carefree, inspiring, creating a cheerful and happy mood.

Delicate Moments Of Happiness

Cheerful and happy music suitable to be used as background music.

Fresh Ideas

Soft and elegant upbeat royalty free background music track.

The Optimist

Happy and positive acoustic song for creating warm and uplifting vibes.

Hands In The Air

Uplifting EDM song to drive some positive and fun energies around.

Moments of Joy

A fun acoustic, colorful track with catchy melodies and uplifting mood.

Acoustic Breeze

A soft acoustic pop, creating a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Happy New Year

Cheerful orchestral music for Holiday & Seasonal mood.