All Epic / Dramatic

Supreme Love

Stylish electro-pop song with a dynamic arrangement.

Time Never Stops

A modern suspenseful cinematic music, featuring Piano, Cello and strings.

Stomps and Claps

Stomps & Claps action percussion soundtrack for a cool energy boost.

Desire For Freedom

A motivational cinematic soundtrack for creating an inspiring mood.

One Moment Of Bliss

Emotional dynamic cinematic piano and orchestral music soundtrack.

The Return of The King

Powerful orchestra score with a grand epic cinematic arrangement.

Life’s Journey

An elegant suspenseful cinematic soundtrack for docudrama.

The Spirit of Reality

Inspiring and powerful cinematic track with a strong epic mood.

Life Is A Mystery

Suspenseful cinematic soundtrack, creating a thrilling and wondrous mood.

Nothing Can Stop Me

Powerful and intense inspiring music with a dark indie rock style.

Powerful Epic Trailer

Powerful orchestra score with epic action cinematic music.

The Tragic Hero

Beautiful and touching Piano and Cello Duet, featuring emotional and deep melodies.