All Epic / Dramatic

A touch of genius

Inspiring, exciting, driving, dynamic. Creating an inspiring and hopeful mood.

Life’s Journey

An elegant suspenseful cinematic soundtrack for docudrama.

Pure Perfection

Heroic, epic, emotional, dramatic. Creates an uplifting and emotional victorious mood.

The Spirit of Reality

Inspiring and powerful cinematic track with a strong epic mood.

Rise and Shine

Bright and shimmering, with pop-rock elements to create a spirited mood.

Supreme Love

Stylish electro-pop song with a dynamic arrangement.


Romantic, epic, emotional, cinematic soundtrack. Creates an uplifting and heroic mood.

New Earth

Thrilling and inspiring orchestral music combined with rock elements.

Stomps and Claps

Stomps & Claps action percussion soundtrack for a cool energy boost.

Against All Odds

Epic and triumph, building and intense, that create an epic mood of victory and tension.

The Kingdom of Judah

Dark and intense, featuring epic orchestral strings and dramatic percussion.

The True Survivor

Epic, dramatic symphonic royalty free music piece.