All Happy / Optimistic

Reach Out

Motivational, spacey, inspiring, flowing. Creates a soft uplifting mood.

Morning Rises

Bright and pulsing, creates an optimistic and inspirational mood.

Free Spirit

Light, bouncy, upbeat corporate style soundtrack, creating a cheerful and positive mood.

Rise and Shine

Bright and shimmering, with pop-rock elements to create a spirited mood.

Unfolding Story

Tender, hopeful, inspiring, building cinematic, creates an optimistic and cheerful mood.

Walk Under The Rain

Carefree, happy, childish, cheerful, fun, creates a warm and gentle uplifting positive mood.

Good News

Inspiring, building, emotional, building, hopeful, creating a mood of success and accomplishment.

Move Your Body

Uplifting dance music in the electronic pop genre.

Time To Celebrate

An elegant groovy lounge bg music for chillout mood.

Playful & Stylish Beat

Upbeat and joyful percussion beat with a playful and positive feel.

Luxury Vibes

Groovy, slick, fun and stylish funky song. Creates a cool and sexy carefree mood.

The Royal Show

Inspiring and magical, creating an uplifting and heartwarming mood.