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Morning Rises

Bright and pulsing, creates an optimistic and inspirational mood.

A touch of genius

Inspiring, exciting, driving, dynamic. Creating an inspiring and hopeful mood.

Free Spirit

Light, bouncy, upbeat corporate style soundtrack, creating a cheerful and positive mood.

Life’s Journey

An elegant suspenseful cinematic soundtrack for docudrama.

Pure Perfection

Heroic, epic, emotional, dramatic. Creates an uplifting and emotional victorious mood.

The Spark Of Life

Inspiring and magical, with production / film scores cinematic elements.

The Spirit of Reality

Inspiring and powerful cinematic track with a strong epic mood.

Sweet Summer Nights

Soft electronic instrumental music with an atmospheric lounge.

Times Of Hope

Motivational, hopeful, inspiring, creates an optimistic and uplifting mood.

Moving Forward

Light, bouncy, upbeat music soundtrack, creating a cheerful and positive mood.

Cyber City

Pulsing, spacey and flowing, with electronic elements. Creates an intriguing mood.

Unfolding Story

Tender, hopeful, inspiring, building cinematic, creates an optimistic and cheerful mood.