All Upbeat / Uplifting

Move Your Body

Uplifting dance music in the electronic pop genre.

Uplifting Sports Rock

A powerful indie track in an upbeat pop-rock style.

I Feel It Coming

Upbeat electronic dance-pop music for good vibes.

Follow Your Passion

An uplifting and motivational soundtrack for promotional videos.

Moments of Joy

A fun acoustic, colorful track with catchy melodies and uplifting mood.

Catch Me If You Can

An indie-pop song with an uplifting beat and cool sound.

Happy Days Ahead

Uplifting background pop music, creating cheerful and positive feelings.

Beautiful Day

Cheerful royalty free background music soundtrack.

Fun Swagger Indie Rock

A cool indie rock groovy swagger music soundtrack.

Life’s Good!

Energetic upbeat tune, creating an uplifting positive mood.

Follow Your Dreams

A motivational soundtrack that evokes the feeling of success.

Lose Your Grip

Dark, Pulsing & Swelling Synth build to powerful and stylish electro groove.