YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world. This can tell you how videos are super important in the current days. According to statistics, it has been found that the average person watches at least three quarters of an entire video.

This is better than any content blog you have seen. You can tell your whole story in just a few moments. Besides that, a good video keeps people engaged and does not make them get bored.
Videos have become an essential way of marketing and gathering traffic. Marketers can reach the right people through video contents. On viewing its growing use, many websites are coming up with innovative ideas to make video posting easy. Not only this, you don’t need any professionals to make a video for you. Just a camera, a good script and a good director, is enough to make a good video.

In today’s, technical world video is not rocket science. You just need a good idea to get you started with. Here are simple steps that you need to follow to make a good video:

Get An Idea

Got an exceptional idea, write it down. Then set a story that focuses and supports your idea. The story should be something that people can relate it to.

Stick To Your Topic

When making further changes, try to stick to the topic. Going round and round will make people distract from the topic.

Add Characters

Add more character to your story if it needs. Try to find a location that compliments your story.


Once you are done with all the pre-production work, start shooting your video. Try to shoot some additional scenes as well, as it will aid you in editing.

Add a Background Music

You can’t just post a blank video with pictures, as it will not be appealing to people. Add background music. There are many royalty free music sites, from which you can choose the right music for your video in various styles like – uplifting motivational background music, happy upbeat music, electronic music and so on.


Gather all the scenes together. Cut what you find less important and add what is missing. You don’t only need to edit the scenes but the background music and effects, as well.


Video making is not difficult, at all. You just need a good idea and a strong script. But, just gathering a few pictures and music together, isn’t what you need. Your goal is to get a large number of viewers. For this, your video should not only be shooter well but also needs the right contents. You need to choose the right story and characters. In addition, good background music to help you deliver the message. There are many soundtracks to choose from. Simply search for royalty free music or background music.


Your work isn’t done by just making and posting a video. You need to share it as much as you can so that a large number of people can reach it. Doing the right marketing for anything you make is very important. You can use different websites for sharing your video. The more viewers it gets, the better you go.


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