Foximusic is a licensing platform for royalty free music, founded in August 2016, by two musician friends that spent more than a decade producing commercial music for TV/Radio advertising campaigns.

Our music can be found on videos created by international brands, and many other companies and creative individuals, to name just a few: Toyota, GM Motors, Johnson & Johnson, National Geographic, Huawei, Procter & Gamble, Sonny Ericson, Oracle, Haier, Hoover, Sap, Tp-Link, Hoover, and many more…

We have started building our stock music catalog back in 2014, enabling everyone to license our music in a quick and affordable way online.

We are making a big effort to offer you the most simple and friendly way to quickly find and license top-quality production music to be used as a background soundtrack on your marketing projects. We know that time is a highly valuable resource in our hectic lifestyle nowadays, and we do hope that we will keep providing you with an un-compromised music production quality, as well as a convenient licensing platform to find and purchase affordable music in no-time.

Searching for the right music for a project could turn into a hassle if you have thousands of tracks to choose from with no guaranty in production and sound quality in each and every track. As long as we are dealing with music and art in general, we believe in quality, not quantity. We invest long hours writing, producing, mixing and mastering our music in every track in our catalog so you could rest assure you are not going to spend your time listening to low quality music production!

All tracks are royalty-free, which means you don’t have to worry about legal licensing issues or YouTube monetization control – once you purchase a suitable license for you or for your clients. Royalty free license simplifies music licensing by removing the need to negotiate licensing fees with the Performance Rights Organizations (as the name implies, there are no performance royalties to collect) and gives you the right to use copyrighted music without the need to pay royalties for recurring use.

Please feel free to drop us an email in any kind of question you might have. Also, don’t forget to read our FAQ and Licensing pages for further info.

Best wishes!