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With over a decade of experience in recording and producing high-quality music for online, TV/Radio marketing campaigns and advertisements, Foximusic is dedicated to providing you with all your professional and creative music licensing needs. We produce our music in-house, only then can we ensure that all the rights to our songs are 100% clear and safe for our customers to use under our license terms. You don’t need to deal with any third party rights holder or independent music producer that may change his terms of use in his compositions at any given moment.

Foximusic blends all the right frequencies to sooth your target audience with its alluring combination of musical elements that were designed to enhance user engagement and drive action. We produce motivational tunes, from sounds of groovy summer days to cheerful corporate tracks, at a competitive price with the best royalty-free music license terms available on the market.

Foximusic was founded in 2016 at the birth of the digital music streaming era by a professional team of creative music executives and industry experts to help make licensing video production music simplified and safe. As the industry evolves, the demand for high-quality music continues to grow. Our royalty free music licensing platform allows businesses and creators to monetize and own 100% of their revenue, for life, in perpetuity.

Foximusic provides a simple and friendly way to quickly find and license high-quality production music as a legally licensed background soundtrack on any of your creative marketing projects. We understand that your time is a highly valuable resource in today’s on-demand world which is exactly why we provide un-compromised music production at high quality, as well as a convenient music licensing platform to find and purchase affordable music in no-time.

Searching for the right music for a project can quickly turn into a hassle, especially when you have thousands of tracks to browse through and no guarantee of quality sound production for each and every track. When it comes to music (and art in general), it’s quality over quantity. We have invested countless hours in writing, producing, mixing and mastering our music for each and every track in our catalog so you can rest assured you’re not wasting your on endless lists of random, low budget songs.

All tracks on the Foximusic website are 100% royalty-free and you don’t have to worry about future legal licensing issues or YouTube monetization control – once you purchase a suitable license for you or your clients, your music remains totally covered from all angles and unbound by any potential legal constrictions.

A royalty-free license simplifies music licensing by removing the need to negotiate licensing fees with the Performance Rights Organizations (PROs – as the name implies, there are zero performance royalties to collect), empowering you as the license holder the right to use your copyrighted music however you wish without the need to pay out royalties for recurring use.

Please feel free to send us an email for any inquiries you might have. Also, don’t forget to read our FAQ and Licensing pages for further info.