The Complete Guide to Using Legal Music in Your Podcast.

Music plays a major role in creating engaging podcasts for your listeners. When you select the appropriate music, then it helps in setting the right mood for the topic and conversation that happen during the show and also supports your branding identity in the long run.

podsafe music - Legal music for podcasts

You can use music as a simple yet powerful tool that will define your podcast’s tone, where this makes it a recognizable and effective way to build an audience.


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What is Podsafe music? 
Foximusic license types for podcast use
How to Make a Good Podcast Intro?
What is a Podcast Outro?
Background music for podcasts
Music for Commercial Breaks in Podcasts
Audio branding
Do’s for selecting Podsafe music
Don’ts for Successful Podcasting


What is Podsafe music?

Podsafe music refers to the use of legal music for podcasts. Podcasts are getting popular day by day and many people are not aware of using licensed music for their show. This should be a greater concern for all the podcasters, as using music with no appropriate license can lead to a lot of legal issues. As there have been cases where many licensing agencies do intend to allow the use of their music in the podcasts, but they demand royalties and the digital rights management for the show and this can lead to big hassles and losses in revenue.

Podsafe music allows podcasters to use music that is inexpensive, legal, and without having any hassles. Therefore, when you use Podsafe music, then an independent podcaster can be assured that he will not get into any trouble with the licensing organizations.

music in podcasts can be divided into four main categories:

Podcast Intro: The music that is played at the beginning of the podcast and sets the mood for the podcast. A podcast intro refers to the official introduction of your podcast show to your audience, which is usually between 5 to 30 seconds approximately.

Podcast Outro: The music played at the end of the podcast and might be synced with a call to action. Podcast outro refers to the final minutes of the episode delivered with an intent to leave a long-lasting good impression towards the listener of your podcast.

Background Music: The music that is synced through-out the episode and it plays an important role in making the podcast more engaging for your audience. Music volume should be low but presence without interfering with your voiceover.

Commercial break Music: A music that is used during break given in between the podcast sessions. In most cases, it requires a promotional and dynamic kind of music that can drive action and raise engagement.

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Foximusic license types for podcast use

When it comes to Podsafe music, then choosing the right audio service is very important. Being professionals in the music industry, we realize the importance of music and it plays a major role in conveying your brand’s identity, setting the right mood for your podcast or radio stream could be easily achieved with suitable music.

Foximusic offers podcast creators a 100% Podsafe music lisence that enables you to legally use the music on your podcasts and generate revenue from your work online on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube or any other web platform.

Now, let us help you in making your podcasts engaging, Keep reading!

Why do you need a Podcast Intro? A podcast intro is needed because it introduces your podcast to your listeners. Also, it helps you to boost your brand’s awareness among your audience. For example, whenever a new listener streams or downloads your podcast, then you want them to subscribe and become a regular listener to your show.

How to Make a Good Podcast Intro?

The best way to create a good podcast intro is to put yourself as a listener or someone you would consider as a target audience. A Good podcast intro allows you to create a connection with a stranger, as they do not have any loyalty to you, and they still have to decide whether they want to continue listening to your podcast or not. So, keep in mind that your audience is going to listen to your episode for their benefit. So, they should get some value out of it.

So, here are 8 tips for creating a good podcast intro:

  1. Introduce your podcast name, name of the show, etc.
  2. Create a unique introduction for each podcast episode.
  3. Be concise and apt about the topic of the podcast.
  4. Introduce your guest for the podcast (In case you are a host).
  5. Select the right background music.
  6. Work on creating a tagline for your show.
  7. Include disclaimers whenever required.
  8. Mention a call to action like subscribe, listen to, streaming now, etc.

What is a Podcast Outro?

Podcast outro refers to the final minutes of the episode created with an intent to leave a long-lasting good impression towards the listener of your podcast.

Just like a podcast intro, the podcast outro is very important. Even if you deliver high-quality content in your podcast. However, if the podcast outro does not have the right call to action and the listener leaves without subscribing to your show, then all your efforts would go in vain.

So, here are 4 tips for creating a good podcast intro:

  1. Thank your listeners for tuning in.
  2. Include a link to your website/services. Also, include show notes that link to everything discussed on the show.
  3. Include a short intro/teaser for the next episode.
  4. Include a call to action, and you can ask something in return like subscribe, share the podcast, rate/review the podcast, etc.

Note: Whenever you include an outro, then make sure that you do not ask for too many things at once because if you ask for too much, then there are chances that they would not do any of it. Therefore, be clear and put only one call to action.

The job of the outro is to say thanks to all the listeners for tuning into your podcast. The podcast outro is the section where you can ask for something in return from your audience like subscribing, sharing, or joining your community/group, etc.

Many podcasts prefer using pre-recorded podcast intros and outros. Most of these are recorded, produced by the host, where they hire professionals for dubbing/voice-over for the show. Using pre-recorded intro & outro helps you to add that professional touch, where you can add new elements for the future podcast episodes.

It will help to create unique intros/outros every time you broadcast/upload a new episode as if you would play the same intro, again and again, then your audience will get tired of hearing it. And, all this may lead your listeners to skip the introduction or switch off the podcast before you give your call to action in your outros.

While selecting intros/outros for podcasting, then you should try to create a 5 to 30 seconds intro/outro that helps you boost your brand exposure.

Background music for podcasts

Music plays a vital role in conveying your brand’s identity, setting the right mood for your podcast or radio stream could be easily achieved with suitable music. Music also makes your podcast stand out from the others. Also, one more thing that matters is the podcast voice over, which refers to the podcast voice-over and, it has to be a consistent voice of an official podcast host.

While selecting the background music, you need to make sure that you keep the theme of the episode in mind. Every podcast is different and unique. Therefore, your background music should complement this.

Also, one more thing that you need to make sure is to select the right music for the dialogs, emotional reactions at the right time. Keep in mind that when you should use them accordingly, think about how your audience will react and feel to certain moments. For example, if you have a podcast about business strategies, then you should use music that is more energetic with a declamatory anthem.

Always consider to use royalty-free music for podcasts and never use copyrighted music!

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Royalty-free music for podcasting is also known as Podsafe music. Podsafe music is copyright-free music that you can use in your podcast. Podsafe music is copyright-free music that you can use in your podcast without paying on-going royalties for the music creators and rights holders.
Podsafe music can be found in sound libraries that can be subscribed to or purchased for a modest one-time fee.

Here at Foximusic, you can find a great collection of highly creative and professional music for your podcast, with epic license terms with no strings attached!

Our music is 100% Podsafe, by licensing music tracks you can use the tracks as an intro/outro takes or as background music for your podcasts on multiple platforms while monetizing your content on all platforms. You can use that music in multiple episodes without worrying about copyright issues!

We are going to discuss Podsafe music later in this blog in detail, keep reading!

Music for Commercial Breaks in Podcasts

Like a radio show, podcasts also have commercial breaks, where you can add multiple commercial-breaks to your podcast episode that will help you to add product promotions to your podcast. It will help your podcast to generate more revenue.

Here are some of the types of podcast commercials that you can use:

Host-Read Ads: One of the most popular podcast commercials is host-read ads. Unlike a typical podcast commercial which is pre-recorded by a brand, here the host of the show reads the advertisement. It helps in creating a natural flow and boosts credibility as the same voice is used for advertisements. The host-read ads are generally relevant and pitch the product into native advertising. It can be related to the influencer marketing of the podcast industry, where the host has high likeliness and credibility over its audience.

Therefore, all these ads are always there! and, all the listeners can hear about the promotions even after the episode has aired.

Dynamically inserted ads: These are ads that have a dedicated commercial break. It can include the host-read, pre-recorded ads, and these ads are created to target listeners from specific geographical areas or to promote upcoming events in particular locations. These ads are not common, because these ads can impact the overall user experience. Especially, when the voice of the advertisement is changed, then the listener might feel it forced upon them. However, if the advertisement goes well with the theme of the episode, then it might feel appropriate. Also, these dynamic ads are used for limited time offers, where these ads are removed when the offer gets expired.

Now that we have discussed the nature of ads used in podcast episodes, here are some of their placements:

Pre-Roll: The pre-roll ads are those that are played at the beginning of the show.

Mid-Roll: The mid-roll ads are the ads that are played in between the show. The mid-roll ads are one of the most widely used and sought-after spots, and as a result, these are the ones that are the most expensive.

Post-Roll/After Show: The post-roll ads or after show ads are the ones that are positioned at the end of the episode. This spot is generally the least appealing, as there is a high probability that most listeners will leave as soon as the main topic of discussion is over.

Audio branding

Audio branding refers to using audio that is used to reinforce your brand’s persona in your listener’s mind. For example, using certain tones, slogans are an example of audio branding.

Here are some of the benefits of using audio branding:

  1. Creates a memorable brand persona: When a company plays certain audio along with advertisements and the content, then they match the brand’s positioning. Also, the audio will help your brand to boost its awareness and popularity.
  2. Impacts the customer’s mood: When you choose the right audio branding, then it will help in setting the mood and engagement with your audience and help in increasing your viewership and make purchases for the relevant services discussed in the podcast episodes. For example, as per a report given by Roger Dooley, it states that playing gentle and ambient music will help in reducing stress and can boost your sales by 10% to 25%.
  3. Build credibility and trust: Using consistent music & audio allows you to build credibility and trust. When you have a focused approach for the sound, then you can express your brand’s values and establish credibility and trust among your audience.

Now that we have discussed Podsafe music. So let us look at some of the dos and don’ts that you should consider while choosing the right music for your podcast.

Do’s for selecting Podsafe music

Focus on the theme of the content.

The first and most important aspect to keep in mind is the theme of the podcast. Keep in mind that you have to keep your audience engaged. Therefore, the content has to be focused on the theme, and keep it relevant to the audience.

Keep your audience in mind

When choosing the Podsafe music, you need to keep your audience in mind. You need to pay attention to all the dialogues or emotional connections and place them accordingly on your podcast.

Add variation

When you plan on starting a podcast series, then you need to make sure that you create variations for each episode. You can create variations as per the guest, topics, format of the podcast, where it can be a debate, informal chat, etc.

Include an Audio Logo

Make sure you include your audio branding, where you use an intro and outro music for branding your podcast. Make it memorable and help in making it set apart from others.

Include a Call to Action

You need to include an engaging call to action and keep the conversation going between you and your listeners.

Professional sound quality is a must!

Make sure that you use a professional quality sound because the poor sound quality will immediately put off your listeners and can put potential damage to your image. So, make sure that you use professional sounds to maintain quality.

Don’ts for Successful Podcasting

Make your intros and content too long!

There’s nothing that can be defined while explaining “how long is too long?”. However, it all depends on how long the content is and how much your audience is going to listen. Now, when a user clicks on your podcast episode, and then they see that the intro is too long. So, are they going to listen?

Also, when you have a big podcast episode, then you need to make sure that the content keeps your audience engaged with the right call to action. Therefore, In the cases of long content, you should consider splitting your podcasts into a series.

Promotional podcast episodes

If you are planning to create podcast episodes to sell your products or services. The answer to this is Don’t do it! Always keep in mind that podcasting is about creating and sharing informative content that can benefit all your listeners because when you provide high-quality content with valuable insights, then the sales will look after themselves.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Under this, whenever you are having fun on the podcast, then your audience is more likely to listen and learn about the things that you are going to discuss. When you can make your audience laugh, then people are more likely to share your episodes with others. So, don’t forget to have fun!


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