A Comprehensive Guide to Music Licensing for Content Creators

Music Licensing for Content Creators Explained.
Confidently choose the right music license for your social and commercial projects. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this article can be a valuable resource for understanding the complexities of music licensing and choosing the right music for your projects.

Unlocking TV/Broadcast Music Without the PRO Headache

PRO-free music freedom: Unraveling the Power of PRO-Free Music

What makes Foximusic the secret sauce for TV and broadcast glory? Let’s crack open this treasure chest and discover the gems within. Getting a custom PRO-free license plan for your business is easy and stait forward!

11 Instant AI Video Creation Tools You Should Check Out in 2024

Are you ready to supercharge your video creation workflow? Discover a suitable AI tool for your needs!

This guide explores 11 of the best AI video creation tools available today, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses so you can make an informed decision. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, content creator, educator, or entrepreneur, these tools can help you create stunning visuals that capture attention and boost engagement.

Selling Online Video Courses? Get the right music license for your videos

Selling Online Video Courses on Skillshare, Udemy, Kajabi, Teachable? Get the right royalty free music license for your online courses on Foximusic
The standard license allows online course creators to use Foximusic tracks for promotional use on social platform like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and much more . However, if you plan to use the music as part of a product that you sell online, like video courses, you’ll need to purchase a custom license.

What is Facebook Rights Manager? How Do I Post A Video On Facebook Without Copyright Issues?

Did your Facebook video get muted? Are you worried about Facebook copyright strikes on your videos due to background music?
Using copyright-protected music with monetized Facebook videos has become a trend and Facebook has taken serious notice of it.
If you are also a Facebook advertiser or business page runner, here is your chance to get familiar with some basic music licensing usage terms on Facebook and instagram. Using background music without a proper license in a Facebook video is surely not a campfire treat anymore. Facebook Rights Manager makes sure it protects the intellectual properties of the content creators by keeping a vigilant eye on their content matches on Facebook. It takes thousands of copyright infringement actions daily. A large majority of these actions are on BG music.

Facebook Rights Manager

Background Music for Animation Videos

Turn Your Animated Videos into Compelling Stories.
Animations are fast becoming the most widely used video marketing type. With more than 59% of the video advertisements share already, the adoption of animated videos is increasing even faster. The reason why they are so popular is their extremely affordable yet effective consumer appeal thanks to their infotainment character.


25 Free & paid Video Editor Tools (2022 Guide)

A list of top-performing video editors available today, all of which have got something unique to offer.
Business and organizations of all kinds have a growing demand of producing short videos to engage customers, explain and advertise their services. Distribution of promotional Videos have already become a must marketing product for millions of businesses in almost every country out there.


Effective Facebook Video Ads: The Complete Guide for 2021

Looking to upgrade your Facebook video marketing game by using an effective Facebook video ad?
Here is how to create a Facebook ad that will bring you clicks. Video gets a lot of engagement nowadays, but in comparison to other types of ads, it’s incredibly underutilized. With that in mind, it was shown that Facebook videos are more effective in comparison to images, as it allows the viewer to actually engage in the content.

facebook video ads

Free Animation Software For Explainer Videos

Are you a product advertiser who is looking to add a pinch of innovation in his videos? Are you looking to make your explainer videos more alluring?

Product Explainer Videos is a lucrative business and exploiting it to its full potential requires your videos to be highly captivating. Of course, with an average of 52% of ROI, video format deserves a lot of care and adaptability to keep up the modern demands. But, when it comes to product description, so many people are competing in the race.