YouTube Monetization

What a lot of people don’t know nowadays is the fact that YouTube has a very strict monetization system. In fact, if you use any type of music that is known to be copyrighted, you will deal with a copyright strike. This is not a pleasant thing to deal with at all, and most of the time it can be a very challenging experience for the content creator. YouTube recently updated their terms of service, be sure to read about the new terms here.

That’s why the royalty free YouTube monetization is the right way to go. Instead of using copyrighted music and deal with copyright strikes from the creators, you can use music that is legal for YouTube use. Finding the right way to monetize your videos while also using enticing music can be tricky.

But if you can work directly with a music creator and show YouTube that you have a legal agreement with that person, then you will be able to use music on your videos. However, this has quite a lot of implications and most of the time it can lead to some rather tricky situations that you may want to avoid most of the time.

Using the YouTube royalty free music library

This can be one of the options you may have access to. Granted, it’s not the ultimate way to do this and certainly not the best. The reason is simple, the royalty free music YouTube monetization will be accessible if you use that library, but the library is rather small. And you can end up using the same music that other people use in their videos. If you want your videos to shine, this is obviously something you want to avoid.

Background music monetization will be a possibility if you use the musical pieces found in that library. But you want to stand out, so the ideas listed below can be a whole lot better at the end of the day.

Creative commons music

The public domain and creative commons licenses are allowing you to use any music with this type of license free of charge. So, finding such music will be a priority for you. But again, you will note that most video content creators tend to do this. As a result, you will still have background music similar to other videos, and that’s a bad thing.

Royalty free music

Opting for a website that sells royalty free music is a much better idea here. There is a reason for that. Royalty free music from a website like Foximusic allows you to make sure that there will not be any problems when it comes to background music monetization and video monetization as a whole. This way, you can focus on getting high-quality music that you can embed in any of your videos. It’s fast, efficient and safe!

Don’t hesitate and invest right now in the best royalty free music. Yes, you can do royalty free music YouTube monetization if you use high-quality music. So, use creative commons, public domain, and even YouTube library music as you see fit. But in the end, focus on purchasing and reusing the highest quality royalty free music, as that delivers the best quality and value!

Written by Andrew Williams
Music Licensing and Marketing Enthusiast, Foximusic.