Business and organizations of all kinds have a growing demand of producing short videos to engage customers, explain and advertise their services. Distribution of promotional Videos have already become a must marketing product for millions of businesses in almost every country out there.

In this detailed article we are going to review some top-performing video editors available today, all of which have got something unique to offer. You’ll get a hand on their important features, prices, and main selling points.

Hopefully, once you go through this detailed listing article, picking your video editor will be a breeze for you.




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Here are those industry-leading video editors that deserve your attention:



InVideo is an online video editor that makes it easy to create professional-quality videos without any prior experience.

With InVideo, you can choose from a library of over 5,000+ templates, or create your own from scratch.
InVideo also offers a variety of features to help you customize your videos, including text, images, videos, music, and animations. Once you’re finished editing, you can export your video in high quality formats for sharing on social media, YouTube, or your website.

Key Features

AI-powered video creation: InVideo uses AI to automate many of the tasks involved in video creation, such as text-to-speech, motion graphics, and video editing. This makes it easy to create high-quality videos without having to be an expert in video editing.

Pre-made templates: InVideo offers a library of over 5,000+ pre-made templates that can be customized to create your own videos. This is a great way to save time and get started quickly with video creation.

Drag-and-drop editor: InVideo’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to add text, images, videos, and music to your videos. No coding or technical skills are required.

Collaborate with others: InVideo makes it easy to collaborate with others on video projects. You can share your projects with others and get feedback in real time.

Export in high quality: InVideo allows you to export your videos in high quality formats, such as MP4, MOV, and GIF.

InVideo offers both free and paid plans.


Free Plan: The Free Plan is free to use and includes basic features such as 6000+ video templates, 3M+ standard media library, AI script generator, automated text to speech, and collaboration with team. However, videos created with the Free Plan will have a watermark and you can only export up to 60 videos per month.

Business Plan: The Business Plan costs $15/month (billed annually at $180) and includes all the features of the Free Plan plus no watermark on videos, 60 HD video exports per month, 10 iStock media per month, 1M+ premium media, and team sharing.

Unlimited Plan: The Unlimited Plan costs $30/month (billed annually at $360) and includes all the features of the Business Plan plus unlimited HD video exports per month, 120 iStock media per month, 1M+ premium media, 40 remove background per month, and priority support.



A perfect depiction of do-it-yourself, Flexclip is a next level online editor thanks to the multitude of features it provides. Basically, it’s simplicity combined with elegance!! flexclip is trusted by some global giants like Google and Microsoft, you can also trust it for your video needs.

Features list:

  • Quick and straightforward drag & drop editing process.  Insert from a wide variety of royalty-free video templates and elements like texts, transitions, shapes, animations and other special effects.
  • Awesome file support and sharing.
  • Screen and voice recording.
  • Famous for its flash forward and slow-motion controls, rejuvenating videos with flexclip is just a few clicks away.
  • Unlike non-linear editors, flexClip lets you do video choreography. Motion effects like moving texts, shapes, and icons adorn your videos with the next level of energy. These types of elements are very handy for presentations and slideshows.
  • High on the scale of ease of editing. Adjust the lightning, colors, speed, and orientation like a pro.

flexclip is a paid tool.


  • A Free version allows 12 projects and other little permissions.
  • Basic version for $72 allows 50 projects and custom watermarks.
  • Plus version for $120 allows 1080p downloads and stuff.
  • Business version for $240 allows unlimited access to flexclip.



Wevideo lets you craft spectacular videos in a flash. With thousands of video templates, motion graphics, and a massively rich assets stock, Wevideo is all about effortless creativity.

With some consummate sound mixing, support for high-resolution videos, playful animations and effects, and the AI capabilities of Wevideo, it can take your videos to an entirely new level of grace.

Features list:

  • Awesome social media profile. Complete support for every social media app and its post categories.
  • Remove Wevideo branding. Keep your own brand in the  spotlight by using your own watermark.
  • Manipulating videos to an amazing extent is still possible
  • Flexible and fast editing: isolate and replace the unwanted colors like a pro with the help of Chroma Key.
  • Enjoy unrestrained access to built-in one million-plus assets with commercial licenses.
  • Get the freedom to work on any device and any operating system.
  • Full-scale template coverage for all major categories: business, education and lifestyle.

Wevideo is a paid tool.

Pricing Options:

  • Power package costs $4/month.
  • Unlimited package costs $8/month.
  • Professional package costs $20/month.
  • Business package costs $37/month.

Wondershare Filmora X

Filmora X is the latest iteration in the Wondershare’s wonderful products. It’s one of the leading video editors which can do mammoth editing jobs for you and is available on both Windows and Mac OS.

It has excellent features, and the interface is also quite intuitive. Even a mega-scale project can be easily finished and uploaded to multiple platforms without any hassle.

Features list:

  • Exercise enormous editing with the markers to indicate how you want your video to look at specific times with Keyframing.
  • Create custom animations to enhance visual engagement.
  • Use motion tracking to identify moving objects in videos and edit them individually.
  • Get repeated scenes automatically cut so you can save time on trivial things.
  • Make your dialogues stand out in the fuss. Audio ducking helps you take full control over your editing.
  • Take the guesswork out of amazing color matching. Apply color grading & color correction preferences across multiple videos in a single move.
  • Faster and personalized editing experience with hotkeys.
  • Give your projects a premium look with top-notch video effects and split-screen functionalities.
  • Exclusively licensed filters, titles, transitions, motion elements, and much more.
  • Micro-level editing with green screen and speed control.
  • Awesome creativity in backgrounds and special effects.
  • Benefit from one of the fastest interface responses, improved rendering to popular file formats, and speedy synchronized previewing.

Filmora X is a paid tool.

Pricing Options:

  • One-time fee: $70
  • Annual plan: $40 per year
  • Annual plan for enterprises: $100 per year.



Clipchamp allows amazingly fast creation of videos. From quick uploading to cheap storage prices to project ease, Clipchamp is the way to go for any editor. Easily craft state-of-the-art videos for your websites, email and social media marketing, and blogs with just one awesome online tool.


  • Ready-to-use consummate video templates for every video type: advertisements, news, wedding and birthday coverages, corporate slideshows, cinematic presentations, and more.
  • Style your videos in your way. Add captions in more than 30 languages, embed videos on your blog, and make hundreds of those without any limit.
  • Keep taking important insights from video analytics to improve your campaigns.
  • Built-in video templates for all popular social media channels.
  • With a community of 17 million + creators, you can easily find members for your teams and create and edit video projects together.
  • An extensive audio library allows you to choose from hundreds of suitable audio files in nearly every niche.
  • Rich video ideas and High customizability.
  • Easy file conversions to avoid time wastage.
  • 200 million stock photos, videos, songs, music scores, to allow you an extremely wide spectrum of choice.

Clipchamp is a free as well as a paid tool.



  • The Basic version is free of cost.
  • The Creator version costs $9 per month.
  • The Business version costs $19 per month.

No one gets it better than that great videos are a handsome mix of bespoke content and a brilliant stock, and that’s at the heart of their video editing experience. In fact, has everything you need to easily make beautiful marketing videos online, in one place, at an unbeatable price.


  • 300 million-plus stock assets including videos, texts, visual effects, graphic elements, images, and audio clips to turn your videos into compelling stories.
  • Easy video cropping, merging, trimming, resizing, and more.
  • Subtitle embedding in more than 15 languages.
  • Text to speech conversions, automatic captioning, audio to video conversion, and much more fun with the audio thing.
  • Control everything related to video editing with this simple yet stunning tool. From having templates to managing video landing pages to handling email marketing, everything is just a few clicks away.
  • Enjoy free video hosting and protect them with passwords.
  • And much more is a free and paid tool.


  • The Basic version is free.
  • The Creator version costs $281 per year.
  • The Business version costs $569 per year.


VEGAS Pro is an online video editor for serious and mess-hater professional editors. Get smooth live streaming, sound design, motion tracking, the latest HDR color correction, artificial intelligence, and much more that you need to produce movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

With more than 360 subscription benefits, the partnership with VEGAS Pro has never been as profitable before.


  • Fast, high-quality edits, countless video & audio tracks with thousands of stock items.
  • For professionals, there is support for formats like HEVC 10bit, Sony XDCAM & XAVC, Panasonic AVCHD, etc.
  • Through HDR color abilities transform your video into an unforgettable stage. Plus, enjoy log color correction & grading, White & black point correction, color wheels, RGB color curves, and much more.
  • Employ deep learning capabilities to enhance creativity. Bring black & white scenes to life automatically with the help of AI.
  • Use easy to customize timelines to apply effects to multiple video tracks within seconds. See the faster-synchronized previews in parallel.
  • Select the famous celebrities and mimic their looks and styles with the help of AI.
  • Color correction and grading, managing opacity envelopes and enhanced effect chains for multiple tracks.
  • And many other breathtaking features.

VEGAS Pro is a paid tool.


  • VEGAS Pro 365 costs $192 per year.
  • The monthly paid subscription costs $20 per month.




VEED.IO gives you all the luxury you need for professional video marketing with extremely easy to do editing online, live streaming, and sound design. With VEED.IO, easily embed your videos to any social media platform. Fine-tune your video’s lay with its unique customizable templates.


  • The biggest highlight of VEED.IO is its exceptionally easy editing. You absolutely need no training to ace editing in VEED. Plus, their super active support team is always eager to help.
  • Customized workflow and shortcuts & layouts.
  • Amazing filters and tools put the control straight in your hands. Now you can produce the material that actually engages and attracts buyers without the help of any professionals.
  • Enhance productivity by making your own brand kit. VEED allows you to keep all your content, logos, symbols, fonts, and color palettes in one place.
  • VEED works best for any medium be it Business, Education, or Professional editing.
  • It also provides templates for every use and every social media platform.

VEED.IO is a free and paid tool.


  • A free version for enthusiasts.
  • The Basic version costs $144 per year.
  • The Professional version costs $288 per year.
  • The Enterprise version’s price is negotiable.



TYPITO is your new go-to online video creation and editing suite. It’s incredibly easy to ace with excellent functionality and an extensive stock library, texts and colors, and much more.

With outstanding support and a fantastic product, it makes video editing no less than a breeze.


  • Drag & Drop editing: create stunning videos without even a minute of training. Simply sign in and start winning it.
  • Brand yourself: choose and customize the stock assets and templates in your way. Keep all the brand items preserved for later use.
  • Automatic instant captioning with perfect syncing with the scenes.
  • Use 600,000+ HD stock photos and manipulate them the way you like.
  • Real-time Video Previews and rich customizable timelines.
  • 20+ video formats, all typical aspect ratios, and 500+ templates.
  • Breathtaking text animations and audio files.
  • Vigilant support system.

TYPITO Pro is a free and paid tool.


  • A Free version for editing lovers.
  • The Solo version costs $96 per year.
  • The Pro version costs $252 per year.



When working with lumen5, you’ll find how intuitive everything is. For any enthusiast or professional, online video editing comes perfectly naturally in this tool.

In fact, lumen5 is sure to enable you to add another revenue stream to your digital marketing agency without hiring any professional for this ‘creative’ job.


  • First-rate editing tools for compressing, collecting, recording, and converting videos literally in no time.
  • An opulent variety of transition elements, sensational music clips, enthralling video assets, and on top of it, a number of tutorials to get on with them.
  • Turn your blogs into videos using the brilliant AI technology of Lumen5.
  • The Lumen5 media library is rich enough to adorn your campaigns with millions of photos, audio, and video clips.
  • Avail yourself of the opportunity to consume stock from the famous Shutterstock library, make unlimited 1080p resolution videos, custom branded watermarks and logos.
  • The popular business version allows tough security through two-factor authentication and a proper system of permissions.
  • Get a dedicated account manager with the Business version.
  • And much more.


Lumen5 is a paid tool.


  • The Community version is free.
  • The Creator version costs $132 per year.
  • The Premium version costs $708 per year.
  • The hot-selling Business version costs $1788 per year.
  • The Enterprise version is negotiable.



flixier is one of the easiest and quickest online ways to churn out captivating stories in the form of videos. Make unlimited 4k projects, unlimited imports and downloads, employ auto-captioning, and much more to win it within just 3 minutes of clicking and dragging.


  • Make branded videos and embed your brand symbols in all videos in a much more systematic and simple way.
  • Take your brand to climax through awesome facilities like unlimited team members, deletion recovery, and asset lifestyle management.
  • Enjoy a sufficient number of templates for different video types like birthday videos, lyric videos, slideshows, ads, intros, etc.
  • Huge cloud storage of more than 100 GB.
  • Use ultra-modern text-to-speech conversion to offload the burden of voice work.
  • Choose from millions of stock images, texts, sound and video clips, and transitions with this powerful tool.
  • Trim, crop, cut, and do much more with your videos. In fact, simply overturn the templates within just a few minutes of drag & drop.


flixier is a paid tool.


  • The Creator version costs $10 per month.
  • The Business version costs $25 per month.
  • The Enterprise version’s price is negotiable.


Recast Studio

It’s time to put dead content into work and that too without any hustle. Recast Studio allows you to convert that bulk of zoom meetings, webinar recordings, and video chats into awesome vlogs to convert your leads into a real business without any additional effort.


  • Recast allows you to quickly clip, adorn & caption your recorded videos and let it work amazingly for you.
  • The pinnacle of Recast Studio is the smooth conversion of audio podcasts into enthralling videos.
  • Share finely tuned videos to any popular social media channel and leverage some staggering animations to increase engagement.
  • Invite team members to collaborate on the projects in the runtime.
  • Enjoy a huge storage capacity of up to 150 GBs.
  • With the most-bought version, enjoy up to 600 minutes of export time and up to 60 minutes of video time.
  • Repurpose your workflows by using Recast’s incredible API support which can automate your content in no time.

Recast Studio is a paid tool.


  • The Professional version costs $22 per month.
  • The Premium version costs $49 per month.
  • The Business version costs $149 per month.


Prezi Video Editor

Meetings get better with Prezi Video. It helps you look professional within a few minutes, add value and humor to your video presentations, and collaborate in real-time like a cool breeze.

What makes Prezi the best contender for your online video editor choice is its working compatibility with all the famous online conferencing tools including Google Meet and Zoom.


  • Create full HD videos in your browser easily with Prezi video.
  • Make your job easy with the help of offline recording and editing. To help you with offline work, a desktop application of Prezi video is also available.
  • Create unlimited videos, design them the way you like, take help from thousands of premium items and give them the colors of your brand.
  • Import any existing slides (Prezi or MS Powerpoint), PDFs, texts, recorded video clips, and convert them into one single winner video.
  • Supercharge your video marketing campaigns by taking meaningful, ready-to-help insights from its powerful analytics.
  • Advanced online training makes sure that none of your team members lags behind.

Prezi Video is a free as well as a paid tool.


  • Prezi is free for students and creative enthusiasts.
  • Also, it’s got different paid packages for students, educators and business professionals. These packages range from $2 per month to $16 per month with different permissions and benefits against each one.



Moovly combines a powerful interface with a consummate drag & drop online editor to empower you with all the creativity that you need for your videos. You can easily start from a blank canvas, then pick a sizzling template and enhance its effectiveness to meet your custom needs within minutes.


  • Moovly is for everyone: an enthusiast, a teacher, or a marketer. Make educational videos, marketing prizewinners, or personal videos, Moovly has got your back.
  • Get support for every video type: footage-based, animated, doodle-styled, motion graphics, etc.
  • Leave the voice-over work to Moovly’s hundreds of voices.
  • Further ease it down by making automatic captions and subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Apply breathtaking animations and effects with only a small amount of mouse work.
  • Enjoy video automation to ease your development burden.
  • Build Social media ads, Business, Explainer, Promo, Sales, Intro videos, and whatnot.
  • Integrate Moovly and your brand assets with other company servers as well. Moovly supports your workflows like nobody.
  • Use Moovly in website development by integrating it with WordPress and Zapier.
  • Get style support for all business niches including Real Estate, IT, Healthcare, Government, Services, etc.
  • Moovly’s mobile app is also available.

Moovly is a free as well as a paid tool.


  • You get free versions in Creator and Education categories.
  • The Edu Pro version costs $99 per year.
  • The Pro version for creators costs $149 per year.
  • The Max version for creators costs $299 per year.
  • The Enterprise version’s starting cost is $599 but as the team members increase, the total cost becomes negotiable.



Videolean is best known for its intuitive video management solutions. Pace up your marketing efforts by accessing its award-winning tools for managing the video needs of departments with different community employees.

Plus, get on-demand videos and template designs at fairly affordable rates. Also, with one of the best video automation capabilities, Videolean has got a time-effective solution to all your competitive needs.


  • Enjoy unlimited videos with no watermark.
  • Foolproof drag & drop editing without any bothering.
  • Find otherwise rare support for video needs of journalists, event organizers, and more.
  • Create videos for any social platform, any post category, and share like a pro.
  • Create content that can fast adapt to your hundreds of customers’ emotional needs. Do all this with the help of Video Automation. Give each video a unique name and colors without any repetitive effort.
  • Just inform the Videolean management and they’ll create videos from A to Z for you.
  • Enjoy access to more than 1.7 million ultra-modern videos and photos to give a vogue touch to your creativity.
  • Upload your own music or use Videolean’s awesome music scores.
  • And much more.

Videolean is a paid tool.


  • $19 per month if paid monthly.
  • $99 per year if paid annually.



Clideo offers a simplified online editing interface while still giving you enough control over your media. Clideo’s collection of editing tools includes all the basics plus speed and reverse controls, picture in picture capability, audio and video track separation, and much more exciting stuff.


  • Do anything with your audios and videos: crop, merge, loop, flip, filter, reverse, and whatnot.
  • As for image adjustments, you can significantly enhance image quality.
  • Benefit from a handsomely rich kit of stock assets.
  • Easily work on any device without any hassles of software installation or downloading.
  • Thousands of first-rate templates for multiple video types including birthdays, wedding parties, graduation parties, and much more.
  • No need to resize your videos as there is support for every popular social media post category.
  • Dial in a look with a robust set of effects, filters, and stickers.
  • Despite its easy functioning, it provides you with everything you need to complete your branding kit.
  • Get guaranteed security for your privacy with fully protected files. Even Clideo’s data center doesn’t keep their copies saved.

Clideo is a paid yet extremely cheap online tool.


  • $9 per month if paid monthly.
  • $6 per month if paid annually.



With an intuitive interface, easy export and sharing, flixpress provides a useful outlet for satisfying avid video producers. The best thing about flixpress is that anyone can start creating and editing videos in it without much investment and training up-front.


  • Professional quality videos similar to those made in studios.
  • Get an awesome level of creativity and mistake freedom to bring your best out. Plus, a stream of creative ideas keeps you involved with it.
  • Top-notch videos for less than $1 a month means complete liberty to excel in the field of video content.
  • Easy-to-use online tool. You need no training to start creating with Flixpress. Plus, no software requirements.
  • Express fast creation of videos. Spend no more than two minutes to reach top-quality videos.
  • A significantly rich catalog of assets to help you craft the best content.
  • Support for every video format and type including Pranks, Birthdays, educational stuff, and so on.

Flixpress is a free as well as a paid tool.


  • A Free version to get your hands dirty.
  • For personal use, $10 a year.
  • For experts, $40 a quarter year.
  • For professionals, $200 a quarter year.
  • For enterprises, $320 a quarter year.



Fed up with spending large amounts of money to complete your branding repertoire? Reevio is here to save your back on multiple fronts.

With Reevio you can not only sweep the field of video marketing at low prices but also you can build custom logos and stunning live backgrounds with a high level of control and choice.


  • Extremely cost-effective video editing and branding solution for the whole year.
  • Video and voice manipulation of the highest quality.
  • It is extremely simple and straightforward to create ever-green videos with this online tool. You can create the video of your choice within 2 minutes!! Literally.
  • Get a handsome variety of 30+ Zoom conference background templates.
  • Excellent tools for trimming, cutting, and resizing videos.
  • Enjoy access to futuristic libraries like Pexels, Pixabay, Storyblocks.
  • Brand customizability and full control in your hands.
  • Get help from dynamic video creation and customizable live previews.
  • Share to any social media platform with ease.

Reevio is a paid tool.


  • One-time access to Zoom backgrounds for $24.
  • One-time use with more permissions and 100 videos for $59.
  • The giant PRO ANNUAL version with 40 videos a month costs $100 per year.


Boosted by Lightricks

Make videos for content marketing, education purposes, and branding of your products in a snap. Boosted provides all the features you need to satisfy everyone’s video needs at extremely cheap prices.

Most famous for its unique short videos, Boosted can sure provide you with the spark you need to win the advertising and marketing game. With its splendid resizing tool, there will hardly be any stubborn white spaces left around your videos!


  • Boosted has proved to be one of the top 3 Instagram performers thanks to its pro-insta ever-growing functionalities.
  • With its award-winning functionalities, video assets, and stunning animations and graphics, you can easily drive optimal results from your campaigns.
  • Amazing effects and graphics! Boosted has got one of the most classic yet stylish stock libraries.
  • The iOS & Android apps of Boosted are also equally good in both design and functionality.
  • Even its free version comes with some handy built-in social media video marketing tools.
  • Video resizing has never been that fun before Boosted. Fit your videos to nearly any social media channel’s timelines with utmost perfection.
  • Free music library with the license for every music file.

Boosted is a paid tool.


Boosted costs $99 per year.


OpenShot is an open-source video editor which is absolutely free and still impressive enough to transform your images, videos, and audios in any possible way. You can also create films, edit them and export them to any platform in any format.

You can install its software on Linux, Mac, or Windows.

Features list:

  • Multi-format support for music files, images and videos.
  • Curve-based animations: enjoy full control over interpolations.
  • Enjoy 3D animated effects and amazing image overlays.
  • Perfect time-mapping and speed adjustments on clips.
  • Integrate it with any desktop option, and simply drag and drop to build your stories.
  • No limits on number of tracks or layers.
  • Advanced video transitions with awesome previews.
  • Rich audio mixing options, compositing, numerous video effects including gamma, greyscale, and what’s not!
  • A super-detailed timeline with all the important displays including scrolling, snapping, panning, etc.
  • Frame accurate editing; clip scaling, trimming, resizing, snapping, rotation, and cutting.

OpenShot is a free tool.

Switcher Studio

Switch Studio is an award-winning premium video editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows. With exciting features like Live Video Production, Multi-source Recording, and Remote Guests, Switcher is really worth its price.

Switch Studio is an award-winning premium video editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows. With exciting features like Live Video Production, Multi-source Recording, and Remote Guests, Switcher is really worth its price.

Features list:

Spice up your video production with amazing live mobile editing.

  • Rotate angles
  • Switch cameras both manually or automatically
  • Roll in videos
  • Add exciting graphics
  • Use Multiview Templates

Switcher also allows Remote Guests, Remote Production and Screen sharing.

  • You can invite as many as 5 Remote Guests to join your stream from distance for unlimited time.
  • Sizable production preview window.

Integrate your production with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or any other platform of your choice, and start HD streaming with a super simple setup. Also enjoy Local Recording, Scheduled Posts and RTMP destinations to stream on multiple platforms with just one click.

Top-notch graphics, Switcher branded video clips, Logos, Animated texts, Sports scoreboards, Vast storage, and yes, no watermark. You can also count on amazing customized Support and user community to help you adapt to editing on Switcher.

Switcher Studio is a paid only tool with a free 14-day trial before finalizing your choice.

Pricing options:

  • Annual package costs $400
  • Monthly package costs $140
  • One-time charge for 7 consecutive days cost $20



Rocketium is a complete business control package for brands that need frequent video productions and fluid marketing campaigns. You can simply integrate all its video production and business management tools into your product. Rocketium is an online tool.

Features list:

  • Easily turn Rocketium interfaces into Yours. Configure them as much as you want.
  • Enjoy personalized domains, hosting, interesting themes, and much more.
  • Analyze performance using insightful analytics, do smart management of permissions, enjoy fluid controls for different brands and asset governance, manage workflow approvals easily, and more.
  • Amazingly automated creative production.
  • Custom workflows for your applications.
  • Amazing computation capacity means faster processing and time-saving.
  • Consult all matters of implementation with their experts.
  • Self-serve tools: you can also import state-of-the-art designs from Adobe Photoshop & AfterEffects, and set up designs keeping in mind your brand preferences.
  • Interactive timelines keep you informed: control sales, manage inventories, invoices, warehouses, prepare and share executive reports. Yes, it’s a complete package.

Rocketium is a paid tool.

Pricing options:
Customized pricing. Discuss your needs with Rocketium’s experts and finalize your deal! However, usually, it’s in the range of $50 to $100 per month.

VideoStudio Pro

Here is another champion video editor for Windows by Corel.  Video Studio Pro brings you the brand trust of Corel along with access to trending clips and eye-catching templates which you can rework within a few moments.

Not all editors give you the luxury of AR stickers, wide color management choices, premium-quality effects, and a branded level of video stabilization but Pro sure does. The best part is, though Pro stands among the top video editors of the time, its prices are still in the reach of everyone.

Features list:

  • Create attractive video masks, customize motion controls and leverage unique features like auto motion blur.
  • Enjoy the absolute freedom of editing. Turn landscape videos into portraits, make quick corrections, combine differently angled clips, enjoy 360° and split-screen editing, and whatnot.
  • Create engagement either by importing videos, by using built-in clips, or by using the tool to capture multi-camera videos.
  • Polish your production by enhancing the colors, applying white balance, and leveraging lens corrections to remove flaws.
  • Stabilize live videos like never before.  Leverage the famous technology of NewBlueFX and proDAD to make real-time corrections to shaky hand-captured footage. This feature literally hands you a lot of power.
  • Boost emotions and add character to your videos by enhancing reactions through Augmented Reality stickers. This feature suits best gaming videos, review videos, and tutorials.
  • Sound effects and royalty-free music.
  • Use LUT profiles to easily turn nights into days, replicate the color schemes of famous movies, and play with colors with absolute freedom.

Video Studio Pro is a paid tool.


  • Get the Upgrade version for $35.
  • Get the Full version for $48 (it’s a 40% discounted price. Hurry up!)

Note: You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Explore the summit of Intelligent yet easy-to-craft storytelling with this video editor named Animoto. With probably the biggest stock library of 100 million+ premium photos and the brand name of Getty Images, the quality has no stopping with this grand online editor.

Unlike several other competitor tools, it allows you to upload your own fonts and logos and promote your brands with absolute ease.

Features list:

  • Easy and seamless cropping, merging, trimming, etc.
  • Find real caliber in the assets collection of unlimited videos, transitions, filters, texts, and music clips.
  • Unlimited top-quality 1080 p edits.
  • Support for multiple business niches and lifestyle events.
  • Run multiple brands, save them all on Animoto, and work on all of them seamlessly in one place. Bring all essentials of every brand into corresponding videos with just one click.
  • One-click resizing without losing any content portion.
  • Preserve your brand identity by using your own fonts.
  • Lifetime licenses of stock items and videos to avoid any future problems.

Animoto is a free and paid editor.

Pricing Options:

  • A Free version that allows unlimited videos with watermark and stuff.
  • Basic version costs $96 per year and allows unlimited videos without a watermark.
  • Professional version costs $180 a year for professional and customized videos.
  • The Professional Plus version costs $468 a year for unlimited everything.


Adobe premiere Pro

Turn literally anything upside down with Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s a mammoth iOS and Windows video editor which can take care of any kind of project. From mega projects to short films to social media ads, every video category & format is a bunny of Premiere Pro.

Of course, with the market authority of Adobe in mind, you can easily imagine that Adobe could be one of the best editors on this list.

Features list:

  • Fast editing and instant working of thousands of attractive and animated templates. Add themed intros, outros, transitions, and much more.
  • Animations, overlays, branded graphics. Also, apply awesome speed effects and attractive filters from the famous brand of Adobe stock library.
  • Work seamlessly with other Adobe apps and services, and import important assets from there.
  • Manipulate colors accurately with Adobe AI. It’s way easier on Pro to match colors to your brand’s suit.
  • Automatic reframing: manage workflows and optimize footage for any platform with awesome reframing that keeps vital parts of your content intact no matter which aspect ratio it originally was.
  • Leverage automatically generated highly accurate captions, generated transcriptions, and added subtitles in more than a dozen languages.
  • Enjoy 3D editing with 3D views using 2D monitors. pro makes the necessary eye adjustments for you.

Adobe Premiere pro is a paid tool.

Pricing Options:

  • Annual plan costs $240.
  • Monthly plan costs $32.

Note: a 30-day free trial is available.


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