Boost Your Corporate Video Engagement With The Right Vibe

When it comes to creating a great corporate video for your business, you’re going to want to choose the right background music to complement it. This is a simple guide on what you should be looking for when it comes to buying and licensing your music for long term legal use. Once you know what to look for, the rest is a matter of taste. The fact that your audience will be watching a video is already a great start for sparking that emotional connection. Let’s begin.

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Background Music Is Crucial for Your Video Content
Motivational music for corporate videos
How To Find the Right Music for Your Corporate Video
Browse Royalty-Free Motivational Music tracks
Corporate Background Music Styles
Does Corporate Music Apply to YouTube Promo Ads?
Corporate Videos Increase Conversion Rates


In case you’re wondering which music attracts your audience and absorbs their attention, this guide could help you in searching and finding a background soundtrack for your corporate videos.

Background Music Is Crucial for Your Video Content

Today, the most powerful digital content is video content. It’s a known fact that when your audience watches video content, they are more than twice as likely to remember your brand. Finding the right background music to match the graphics and message in your video may be one of the most underrated tasks. The reason I say ‘underrated’ is because your background music is just as important as every other element in your attempt to draw your audience in. Using the appropriate music soundtrack can help increase viewer engagement and contribute to the overall experience.

By selecting corporate style background music to enhance and optimize the effect your video content has on its viewers, your project will need to consider a few very important parameters. Let’s find out which kind of music tracks are most suitable for your corporate video project.

Motivational Music for Corporate Videos

Motivational corporate music is designed to give your video a professional and executive feeling that boosts confidence and drives action. Whether it’s a marketing campaign a meeting room presentation, our music is guaranteed high quality and high fidelity, engineered to fall gently on the ears while sweetly on the heart. The benefits of using upbeat and sensational music can be seen in higher conversion rates, longer view times, and increased engagement.

Some videos can measure certain metrics we consider to be indicators of high-value music compositions that generate actionable results. Corporate videos tend to share a common theme of unity and teamwork to inspire and motivate. Our royalty-free background music is also perfect for radio and podcast programs. No matter what the agenda is, our collection of powerful yet subtle background tracks are at your service.

Our Legit Royalty Free Music is also allowed to be reused in multiple future projects, again and again, making it prime for your intro and outro music, marketing promos, and other executive content. By meshing the two worlds together, the art with the industrial, business and creative, like-minded thinkers will be tuned in without fail.

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Stylish indie pop, colourful and spicy beat, creating a groovy and cool fun mood.

Times Of Hope

Motivational, hopeful, inspiring, creates an optimistic and uplifting mood.

Keep Rolling

Stylish lounge, dynamic, inspiring, flowing, creates a cool urban mood.

Inner Peace

Calm, meditative, delicate, minimal soundtrack for meditation sessions and healing practice.

Reach Out

Motivational, spacey, inspiring, flowing. Creates a soft uplifting mood.

Singapore Dream

Majestic, magical, colorful, authentic traditional Chinese soundtrack.

Watch Me Now

Stylish, fun, energetic electro pop-dance. Perfect for lifestyle advertisements.


Stylish indie pop, colourful and spicy beat, creating a groovy and cool fun mood.

The Unpredictable

A suspenseful electronic music track in a cinematic theme.

Times Of Hope

Motivational, hopeful, inspiring, creates an optimistic and uplifting mood.

Born To Be Special

Stylish pop beat with percussion and claps. Creative fresh and fancy mood.

A touch of genius

Inspiring, exciting, driving, dynamic. Creating an inspiring and hopeful mood.

Extreme Sports Rock

Energetic & powerful rock soundtrack for commercial use.

Best Day of My Life

Motivational and uplifting acoustic royalty free background music.

Uplifting Sports Rock

A powerful indie track in an upbeat pop-rock style.

Let’s Get Funky

Groovy upbeat 70’s-style black funk music for commercial use.

Hip Hop Beat

Old-school classic Hip Hop beat for lifestyle projects.

You Can Do It

Positive & motivational music with a confident corporate feel.

How To Find the Right Music for Your Corporate Video

Since your video will be for a corporate project, in most cases it should be motivational and dynamic. You want your audience to be motivated to reciprocate with your message. Background music plays a major role in connecting our emotions to the message it’s applied to. Since music works like a universal language, there are certain chord changes, dynamics, rhymes and frequencies that can arouse motivation. By selecting the right song to go with your professional business presentation can either capture your audience or repel them. The goal here is to attract them by triggering positive feelings in a subtle manner that will inspire your viewers to connect with your video.

Once you know the general vibe you’re aiming for, it’s time to start browsing motivational background tracks. Some videos may require a subtle beat that gradually increases with time, while others will be the opposite. In most cases, it’s best to have both options available when it comes to editing so you can play around with the various combinations. For example, you might want to have a slow tempo to introduce the subject at hand, and an upbeat tempo track to transition to later for that added motivational boost. The various dynamics will awaken your viewers and sync them into the flow of your video. It’s always interesting to see how a little bit of background music can make such a massive impact.

Without blowing out the speakers or frightening off your viewers, finding the selection of background music to suit the character identity of your video is no simple task. That’s why FoxiMusic has everything categorized in an easy way so you can either search by Collection, or by keyword using the bar feature on the website. There’s no need to browse through countless random websites to find poor quality productions or limited license terms that just won’t cut it for your professional corporate video. We’ve curated our best motivational music and corporate background tracks for you already so that you can save time and money focusing on the other aspects of your project. The last thing you want is for your video to get mistakenly flagged for copyright or licensing issues. We know. That’s why our entire music catalog is 100% created by us and 100% ours to license – no strings attached.

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Browse Royalty-Free Motivational Music Tracks

Choosing motivational background music as a promotional soundtrack for your video can be one of the best decisions you ever make. Motivational music can be heard in the background of most music videos, especially business videos. Whether your video is sales-oriented, or simply a montage of client case studies or business-related events, the background music should always be fun, positive and uplifting. By implementing this kind of music, you can influence mood, attitude, and above all, engagement. We all know how important engagement is nowadays, but did you ever think that background music had such an important role?

When browsing through the different corporate music tracks to select from, remember that it’s all about the feeling you want to give. Consider the storyline script of your video project and the mood you want to achieve. Throughout your video, try to identify whether or not there are multiple tones being used. For example… Is there a constant happy vibe? Perhaps there’s a sincere tone introducing a dramatic challenge — only to be resolved with a positive solution? Depending on the narrative of your video, you will want to select your motivational, corporate style background music. This is why it is recommended that you have two, or even three, royalty free background tracks that you can apply when needed to enhance the right tones.

The majority of motivational background corporate music clips can be heard in most YouTube tutorials, unboxings, how-tos, and product review videos. Obviously, you will want to make sure your music is royalty free, meaning you don’t have to pay the royalties to the owner of the track. Never download and use “free” royalty-free music for a business or corporate project. Never. The reason for that is because nothing is ever really free, especially in business. There’s no way you can know where that track came from, if it’s copyright clear, or if there are limited terms. If you do use a free track that claims to be royalty free, Google may later detect it for copyright infringement and by then, it’s too late. Especially for corporate video projects, make sure you purchase your royalty-free music from a trusted and reliable source. Avoid subscriptions!

Corporate Background Music Styles

The general structure for corporate videos tends to be positively optimistic and sincere, but fun. Another common need for corporate background music would be video case studies that present a certain challenge followed by the solution. This is the winning combination when it comes to making short videos that have a lot to say. Introduce the problem using a sincere tone track, but without being overdramatic, and then quickly transition them to the solution using an optimistic and uplifting piece that then calms the nerves and opens the mind. An important note worth making is that your background music should always remain extremely subtle. The human imagination is strong enough to absorb and amplify the music in a seamless way, it almost seems like magic. Just let the video background music do its job and work its magic.

The motivational corporate background music collection we offer is designed to do just that. Give your promotional videos the boost they need and spice up the entire project with corporate background music that is motivational and matches your message. With the right music to elevate your video, your message will make a positive impact on the audience. By browsing our royalty-free collection of background music for your motivational corporate videos, you will discover a variety of high-quality soundtracks worth owning. It’s simply a matter of choice when it comes down to selecting and editing which tracks to use and when. The more time you save on finding your royalty-free music, the closer you are to reaching the next goal.

Keep in mind, there are a number of sub-categories also available to meet your project’s core music requirements, ranging all the way from cheerful to dramatic. Corporate style background music may even require a few genres in order to really bring out the true beauty of the project and propel it towards success. With an uplifting, upbeat track, it’s sure to trigger some feel-good vibes. You can also go with the more hopeful and cheerful route which will help invoke feelings of optimism and joy. A happy and upbeat track is a definite must if you have to choose one, whereas epic and dramatic music can usually only be applied on occasion. Should the content require a more digital frequency, your best bet would be going with background music from the innovative and tech categories listed in our music collections.

Does Corporate Music Apply to YouTube Promo Ads?

YouTube videos containing a commercial aspect or that work as promotional assets for a brand will require a Premium license, especially if the video is sponsored or run as an advertisement. “Corporate videos” will most likely be considered as company assets and therefore demand a more permissible license agreement that will legally cover the business or brand with the music. Nowadays, all brands are required to hold a commercial music license with specified terms that permit which platforms and under what conditions a piece of music may be used in marketing videos. YouTube’s Content ID system is able to automatically scan and detect music copyright infringement. If a branded video is flagged by the content ID system, a license agreement will be requested by YouTube as proof of permission to use the track and how.

At Foximusic, all of our music is copyright cleared and every track purchase comes with a PDF license agreement. Not only that, but the terms of use we offer under our music license are unbeatable in comparison to other royalty-free license agreements. This allows you the freedom to use your music however you want, as many times as you want and wherever you want. Of course, there are a number of different royalty free music stores offering a number of different license agreements. It’s important to do your homework and to decide which license is right for your project. This also applies to podcasts and audiobooks. All the same, you’re going to want to make sure you have all your music legally licensed in perpetuity… or in other words, forever. It’s best to plan ahead.

Corporate Videos Increase Conversion Rates

It’s no shock that video content tends to perform better when it comes to more engagement. The proof is in the pudding when it comes to the data supporting video content as the number one preferred form of consumable online content by the average person today. You can create powerful content using video and audio elements to deliver your brand message. Motivational corporate style music is a key ingredient in the winning recipe of video content success. I can’t remember the last time I saw a great video that didn’t have any music on it whatsoever, can you? When it comes to increasing conversion rates and achieving positive results, video content is king. That’s why using the right kind of background music to match the video is so important.

The video background music helps tie our minds around the concept being visually projected. Visual projections simply are not enough when it comes to capturing the attention of your audience. Using background music and audio will draw in your viewers and help them to hone in and focus on the overall message intended for them. Once you have their attention, you have the chance to change their lives and make a positive impact. Positive impacts equal success.


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