Increasing Ad Performances + 10 video production DIY tools

Video marketing has already become the most important Digital Marketing Trend for brands.
Are you writing content for a blog? Pair it with a video. Do you host a podcast? Use a video to promote it. Trying to expand your following on social media? Use a video. Launching a new product? Publish a promo video. Planning your next event? Send your followers an introduction video. I could go on and on…

YouTube has over 2 billion users with more than 200 million hours being watched every day.

Let’s focus on the YouTube Ad campaign for publishing your next video – to fit your budget while Increasing Ad Performances.

youtube ad campaign
There are a couple of business models capable of being adopted into a format plan for video ads: cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per view (CPV). The latter business model is based completely on a performance campaign. Advertisers only pay when a video ad is seen in its entirety.


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Why Online Video Advertisements Continues To Grow Everyday
Increasing Ad Performances While Staying Within Budget
Three Formats of YouTube Video Ads

10 Video creation and marketing tools that are worth checking


Why Online Video Advertisements Continues To Grow Everyday

Bandwidth is improving as worldwide Internet usage is increasing. Consequently, viewership by digital video is rapidly replacing conventional television viewership as a preferred media consumption platform. Digital ad expenditures continue to grow in the meantime.

Video ad budgets are expected to reach about $20 billion in the year 2020. It should come as no surprise, then, that more companies than ever are investing their time and money in YouTube video ads. Why is this the case? Because they are effective.

Increasing Ad Performances While Staying Within Budget

YouTube ads can make a big impact when it comes to helping audiences learn about your company. Consider taking the following steps to produce a stronger YouTube ad.

A target audience can be described as a group you are endeavoring to reach using an ad campaign. For the campaign to have any kind of effect, you need to understand the specific audience you’re focusing on.
There are several ways of going about targeting an audience of your choosing, including the following:

  • Demographic groups: the attributes involved include parental status, income, gender, and age.
  • Interests: information and subjects your audience has an interest in, as far as YouTube video content goes.
  • Remarketing: catering your video marketing campaign based on past interactions people have had with videos you’ve produced.
  • Keywords: displaying YouTube ads as per phrases and keywords an audience uses to search for content on YouTube.
  • Subjects: people are targeted as per specific subjects they are looking for when performing queries on YouTube.

You can select which of these formats are ideal for your organization as per your specific goals and budget.

To optimize YouTube ad results, it is imperative that you create content of high quality. You want to encourage people to view your ad, as well as your content. To begin with, a video of high-resolution quality must be produced. The last thing you want to do is have audiences watch a video in low resolution that was poorly filmed.
Your ad must also offer value to a viewer. If you don’t show them why selecting your business is worthwhile, you won’t make any kind of impact on them.
To run an effective ad campaign on YouTube, you will need to coordinate the ad’s content in order to make sure that it offers viewers valuable information.

Download free music

Once you’ve established your target audience and invested in creating a quality and valuable video content, it’s time to get to the fun part! Choose the kind of music that speaks to your audience that can boost your video engagement with The Right Vibe.
Learn more on how to select the right background music for your videos in our post: Background Music For Promotional Videos

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Legit Royalty Free Music For Marketing Videos

What Is Royalty Free Music?

You will discourage people from watching your ad if it is excessively long. Videos that can’t be skipped will only deter people from your ad instead of attracting them to it. People’s attention spans aren’t as long as they used to be, and you must adapt to that.

Creating effective and short videos will bring you better results. As a general rule, you should limit your video to 45 seconds in length. Believe it or not, it is possible to produce a video of high quality and deliver your message without belaboring the point.

You should make a conscious effort to convey your point as fast as you can. If a viewer skips your video within the first five seconds of playing it, ensure that your message is delivered in those precious few moments. In short, get straight to your point succinctly.

To be successful with YouTube video ads, you will need to compete with ads that are much shorter. Snapchat limits its ads to 10 minutes or less. Facebook doesn’t allow video ads any longer than 15 seconds. Research conducted by IAB revealed that videos 10 seconds in length can help optimize the effect on millennials, a demographic that is especially sensitive when it comes to ad clutter on mobile devices.

Mobile video advertisements for this particular audience must be properly targeted, enjoyable, and relevant in order to optimize its potential effect.
One of the benefits of briefer ads is their ability to permit more A/B testing – it is a lot simpler to produce four variations of an ad 10 seconds in length, as opposed to 4 variations of an ad with the same timeframe and budget.

When an ad campaign is run, it is imperative for you to direct viewers to information of relevance. You should point them in the direction of your landing page, one that elaborates on the information presented in your video ad. Effective ad campaigns will let you direct leads over to a certain page. This will help people get more details about your services, product, and company. You should develop a landing page specific to your campaign in order to personalize it.
If someone is drawn to the details shown in your YouTube ad, they will visit your landing page in order to get more information about your service or product. It is an effective approach to sending relevant leads to your page.

To understand the effectiveness of your campaign, you need to track its performance. Producing ad content of high quality will aid your business in growing.
When running a video ad, you will be able to access metrics that let you monitor the performance of your campaign. You can track metrics like subscriptions, shares, likes, and views. You will also be able to view insights in real-time regarding your campaign in order to get a better understanding of it.
By tracking your campaign, you will be able to produce more optimal results for the betterment of your company. Your YouTube ad will be a lot more effective in driving results that help the company grow.

Three Formats of YouTube Video Ads – Explained

TrueView Ads
With this ad format, advertisers are charged when users view an ad. However, if an ad gets skipped, then the advertiser will not be charged. For some, TrueView is cheap and safe. A user won’t watch an ad if it has no relevance to them, and subsequently, an advertiser doesn’t need to pay for ads that aren’t played in their entirety. It is a win-win situation. The only views the advertiser is responsible for are from those who show interest in an advertised product. Users have a chance to skip any ad that does not interest them.

TrueView advertisements are separated into a few main blocks: In-Stream ads, Reach, and Discovery ads.

In-Stream ads
These ads are displayed either at the middle, end, or beginning of a video. They are skip-able after the first five seconds, in which case, an advertiser would not be charged.
A fee will be charged if:

  • a user watches at least 30 seconds or the entire video
  • a user interacts with an ad

In-Stream ads get displayed in a couple of different placements: Google Display Network (GDN) applications and YouTube partner and video sites.

TrueView For Reach
This video ad format has advertising blocks that are placed in the middle, end, or beginning of a video. By optimizing the format, the number of views are increased, and awareness is boosted. Users have the ability to skip an ad after the first five seconds are played.
Videos can be no longer than 20 seconds. Therefore, it is in your best interest to convey your message simply and briefly. Extensive formulations should be eliminated. Convert the concept of whatever you’re advertising into a short video ad that attracts and converts.

Discovery ads
This ad format has a few notable placements: YouTube’s search pages, a video’s watch pages, and the homepage of YouTube’s mobile app. An ad block consists of a thumbnail, a description (35 character maximum), and a header (25 character maximum). Advertisers are charged whenever users click an ad.
The biggest advantage of this format is that YouTube video ads are only displayed to those who perform a query for certain words or phrases that are relevant. In other words, Discovery ads will be shown anytime users search for a specified service or product.

  • Where can an ad like this be seen on the platform?
  • Search results
  • The watch page of a video
  • The homepage of YouTube’s mobile app.

YouTube Ads That Can’t Be Skipped
These types of ads cannot be skipped (which makes them different from TrueView ads). They need to be viewed to completion in order to access a desired YouTube video. These types of videos cannot be longer than 15 seconds (20 in some areas). At one time, these types of ads had a 30-second duration. However, YouTube decided to shorten the duration for the sake of improving a viewer’s watching experience. As a result, this ad format is a lot less annoying for many viewers.

Having said that, ads that can’t be skipped still annoy people and frustrate many users. A lot of people are beginning to become accustomed to this ad format, though, and a lot less negativity has been directed at it as of late.

Ads that cannot be skipped can work to an advertiser’s benefit. Being unable to skip ads strengthens the possibility that a viewer will sit through an entire ad and listen to the message presented to them in full.

There are a couple of different YouTube ads that cannot be skipped: mid-rolls and pre-rolls.

If the length of a video requested is longer than 10 minutes, an ad block can be added to the middle. Users cannot skip the YouTube ad and need to watch the whole block before they get to see their intended content.

This type of video ad cannot be longer than 20 seconds. They must be viewed in their entirety before users can proceed to their intended video. These types of ads are inserted at the start of a video and can’t be skipped.

Bumper Ads
These types of advertisements are a lot like ads that can’t be skipped, but with a couple of notable differences:

  • a bumper add cannot be longer than 6 seconds
  • a bumper add gets shown to a user once they finish watching a video

Bumper ad advantages:
A bumper can be described as a softer version of ads that can’t be skipped. They are not as annoying. For instance, users can close a video tab to bypass watching an ad.
Bumper ads cannot be any longer than 6 seconds, increasing the odds that a user will view the entire ad.
A cost per mile (CPM) basis is used to determine the cost of bumper ads, giving advertisers a way to regulate the process.

Which ad format should you go with?
This is really your call. To convey a message in full and in front of the proper audience, it is worth launching a campaign for bumper ads, or video ads that can’t be skipped. If your main objective is to raise brand awareness, then Reach and Discovery ads will be more suitable.

YouTube takes care of advertisers and users alike. The platform is regularly evolving and is a safe place to find the right balance between advertiser and user experiences. YouTube ad campaigns are completely worthwhile as long as you establish proper goals, focus on a certain audience, and make ads that are interesting and eye-catching. The ROI you will get will speak volumes. Launching an ad campaign on channels where most of your target market is will be the smartest decision you’ll make when it comes to YouTube ads.

10 Video creation and marketing tools that are worth checking

Research shows that more than half of people watch videos online every day. That is why the video marketing software market manages to raise more and more funds each year to support the overwhelming growth in demand for video marketing solutions for the average business. Here is a list of some popular tools that will help get you started with video creation and video marketing:


Biteable is an Australian company claiming to have over 5 million marketers already using their software. Biteable allows you to make ads, explainers, business presentations, and social media videos from scratch or by using already-made templates. No previous video editing experience required.
Pricing starts at $19.00 per month. They also have a free version where you can create and publish 1 video per month with no Biteable watermark.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a video personalization and distribution platform that provides services like video hosting, video email campaigns, ABM & video selling, and advanced video analytics tools for marketers. Trusted by 5000+ Businesses.
Pricing starts at $19.00 per month. They offer a free version where you can create and publish unlimited videos under 100 GB bandwidth.

Wave Video

Wave.video is a web-based video creation tool. They let you edit video templates and customize them or just start from scratch. Wave is offering an impressive library of over 2 million images and video clips that are available for you to create your videos.
Pricing starts at $79.00 per month, per user. They also have a free version where you can edit and embed 5 free videos that are up to 15 sec long.


Vidyard goes beyond video hosting and management and helps businesses connect with more viewers through interactive and personalized video experiences, learn powerful insights on their viewing audience, turn insights into action with enterprise integrations, and prove the impact of their video programs.
Pricing starts at $15.00 per month, per user. They also have a free version where you can upload and share unlimited videos, and embed up to 5 videos on your website, blog and more.


Wistia is a video marketing platform that offers video hosting and video editing with advanced analytic tools, a customizable player, call to actions and heatmaps.
Pricing starts at $99.00 per month, per user. They also have a free version where you can embed 3 free videos anywhere on 1 Channel with Up to 250 Channel subscribers and keep the Wistia branding on the video player.


Wideo is an online tool that allows you to create simple videos quickly, with already made simple templates. No previous video editing or design knowledge required.
Wideo pricing starts at $19.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version, but they do offer a free trial to get you started.


Animoto is another easy-to-use online video builder for the creation of quick and simple marketing and slideshow videos.
Pricing starts at $8.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version, but they do offer a free trial to get you started.


Verb takes a few more steps further and provides a one-stop for creating, editing and marketing your videos to your audience. They let you track your sales and marketing analytics with a single dashboard.


VideoScribe is an online tool for creating whiteboard animations and explainer videos, with no animation knowledge.
Pricing starts at $25.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version, but they do offer a free trial to get you started.


Instasize is a creative toolkit specifically made for social creatives that allows you to edit and create short videos straight from your phone. Through the app, you can apply a filter to change the mood of your video, add a text overlay for titles, and crop to your desired size or resolution. You can access the editor for free, or subscribe to Instasize premium for as low as $4.99 a month to unlock more filters and editing options.


As video continues to rank as one of the most important overall digital marketing trends, now it’s the best time to dive into the world of DIY video production tools and learn the basics of How To Run A Successful YouTube Video Ad Campaign for your business.
creating and publishing videos have been costly just a few years back, but now there are a lot of tools for you that are designed to help you generate the entire video yourself for an incredibly low price. Launching a video marketing campaign is no longer a marketing tool for big brands – It’s for everyone!


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