Upbeat and Motivational Background Music

It seems like every video I see in my social media feed is loaded with marketing slogans and shiny logos. Video effects are also edgier, flashier and quicker than they used to be. Anything goes when it comes to catching your attention. “Clickbait” is a commonly used term that has made a marketing that much more challenging to categorize. Luckily for us, there’s still one pure piece of content that remains sacred to us creators and that is ‘background music’.

That’s right, untainted and unstained. Background music remains free from the high-pressure performance challenges that all the other pieces of our cherished content stand destined to endure.

Music doesn’t have to abide by the rigorous system of biased politics that film or script content must. Music brings all the other pieces together and acts the foundational common ground. Background music is like the canvas for your oil painting when it comes to creating that special movie magic. It is the comforting medium in which your message will travel through in order to reach your audience and enter their hearts.


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How Motivational Music Affects User Engagement?
Royalty Free Music License That Works for Your Business
Motivational Background Music – Upbeat Rhythms and Positive Vibes
Where to Find Upbeat Royalty Free Music?
Video Background Music in Advertising
Uplifting Background Music for Corporate Videos


You only get a few crucial seconds to really capture your audience’s attention in marketing. Music is one of the strongest tools you can use to help deliver your message more effectively. It takes less than three seconds for music to enter our ears and reach our hearts. For video and text, it takes much longer. Perhaps that is the main reason why every video I see online is using happy and upbeat background music. It makes sense.

Music is so powerful, Facebook and Instagram now require users to tap on the video to activate the sound. However, it wasn’t always like that. This feature is mostly seen in sponsored social media posts. The reason why marketing promotions use mostly all upbeat music in their branding is that it works. You would think we would be immune to the music, but science won’t allow it. Happy, motivational and exciting frequencies are encoded throughout our DNA to lift our spirits. The moment the music lands upon our ears, we become like babies tasting sugar for the time. Of course, we may now know it or act it, but the effect remains constant throughout existence.

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How Motivational Music Affects User Engagement?

One of the first things we subconsciously absorb is music. Upbeat background music is a wonderful tool to improve your digital marketing engagement numbers as it helps bring video to life. Imagine watching a commercial without any music. You would instantly notice it! It would feel dry and boring, perhaps even intense. Depending on the commercial, chances are you’re going to hear calming and enthusiastic tones that will perk up those ears. For branding, that’s exactly what you want to do. You want your viewers to watch and listen. If you’re running a radio commercial, then it’s obvious the music here will play a major role.

Upbeat Royalty Free Music

Marketing and advertising for a brand can have a number of complex elements that need to be taken into consideration. For example, you will want to be sure that your message is clear by dressing it up with the right emotional triggers. Some brands will use music that was specially written to be custom made for the brand. That may be nice, but it will definitely require a much bigger budget than needed for royalty free music. Anybody else using that custom made piece of music for any other reason without permission can be in serious trouble.

If you were to use the Star Wars intro music for your popular podcast channel, you might face legal issues… “may the force be with you.” But, if you have a proper license, then you’re all good. Securing a license for copyrighted music is difficult, time-consuming and costs a lot. This is the part where royalty free music comes to the rescue. It is way easier to buy a generic piece of music that comes with a simple commercial license.

Royalty Free Music License That Works for Your Business

There are two types of licenses in royalty free music. Commercial and personal. Of course, many of the same licenses have different names, so you need to make sure to look for good commercial terms that suit your needs. Good commercial terms mean you are allowed to collect all the revenue from your work. Note that most commercial licenses do not allow you to keep the rights for an unlimited amount of time. Some commercial licenses will limit the amount of revenue and even where you can publish. The good thing about Foximusic is that our license lasts forever and come with clear and simple-to-understand terms.

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Light, bouncy, upbeat music soundtrack, creating a cheerful and positive mood.

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Soft, motivational, upbeat, creating a positive and uplifting mood.


Dark electro soundtrack featuring electric rock guitar riffs, fuzzy bass, synths, and rough electronic drums.

Feels Like Yesterday

Laid-back groovy hip hop lounge with lofi Rhodes and overdrive electric guitar lead.

Funky Lady

Funky, groovy, sexy, fun old-school beat. Creating a luxury and stylish mood.

Reach Out

Motivational, spacey, inspiring, flowing. Creates a soft uplifting mood.

Morning Rises

Bright and pulsing, creates an optimistic and inspirational mood.

A touch of genius

Inspiring, exciting, driving, dynamic. Creating an inspiring and hopeful mood.

Free Spirit

Light, bouncy, upbeat corporate style soundtrack, creating a cheerful and positive mood.

Life’s Journey

An elegant suspenseful cinematic soundtrack for docudrama.

Extreme Sports Rock

Energetic & powerful rock soundtrack for commercial use.

Best Day of My Life

Motivational and uplifting acoustic royalty free background music.

Uplifting Sports Rock

A powerful indie track in an upbeat pop-rock style.

Let’s Get Funky

Groovy upbeat 70’s-style black funk music for commercial use.

Hip Hop Beat

Old-school classic Hip Hop beat for lifestyle projects.

You Can Do It

Positive & motivational music with a confident corporate feel.

From all the various kinds of royalty-free music licensing services out there, I can only recommend against purchasing a music license subscription from a music marketplace. It may appear to be the smarter move, saving money and all, but the second your subscription ends, so do your rights to revenue. Even if you pay a lifetime subscription, the artists that actually own the music and give the rights to that store to sell licenses can still remove their music from the store at any given moment.

It’s a known fact that freelance musicians do move their work from one market place to another in an attempt to gain more revenue from their work. Musicians can submit their music to third-party distributors, the distributor has a temporary contract with the musician, and when the contract ends, they remove their music from the marketplace catalog. This actually means that you may face copyright issues. Purchasing a Subscription-based royalty free music license from a music marketplace could be great for personal projects, yet could be very problematic for brands.

Motivational Background Music – Upbeat Rhythms and Positive Vibes

Facebook and Instagram know how the power of background music works. This is one reason why users must now have to click on the video to hear the sound play. Google can now more accurately measure who’s actually interested in the video content, and who isn’t. Before, when the background music would automatically start playing as you scroll by, users were more likely inclined to stay and watch for longer on a paid promotion video. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the viewer is genuinely interested or even relevant to the paid ad.

You can probably see how this might frustrate the paying advertisers who are interested in mainly one thing. Relevant viewers. So to solve this issue, the new silent video feature was added to the mix. Now, video producers must rely even more on strong visual graphics and flashy text to capture viewers in under three seconds’ time.

So, let’s talk about how to find the right background music to suit your video project. Taking into consideration the three-second rule, you will want to find a song that is cheerful and uplifting. Upbeat background music is the style you need in order to capture your audience’s attention in under three seconds. As long as their volume is turned on, you can reach between five to ten seconds depending. This is enough time for your audience to be introduced to your graphics and take a sincere interest in your message.

For promotional videos, using uplifting royalty free music with a suitable commercial license will allow you to gain the maximum amount of all revenue. You want to completely own the rights to use that music for business reasons. The upbeat rhythm and positive vibes will be sure to smoothly seduce your viewers with your marketing skills. Brands that use enthusiastic and motivational music in their campaigns have a proven track record of success in advertising their brand.

You will want to research your competitors and take note of their tactics. After that, be sure to research the winning brands you like most and see what kind of feeling the music they use gives you. Try to go for the same uplifting and inspiring feeling when looking for background music. The music should sound subtle and still energetic.

Where to Find Upbeat Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music comes in all types of wavelengths and genres. With a plethora of digital music stores available at your fingertips, you will find that good quality background music can be still hard to find. Simply searching the web for royalty free music won’t cut it since there’s are so many places to find it, you will have to be more precise with the keywords. For example, you might search “upbeat” or “happy” “royalty free background music”. YouTube has its own library of Free royalty-free music for personal use, not commercial. There are also a number of royalty free music services you can subscribe to as a member, but the commercial terms quickly limit your freedom to gain revenue. Not only that, but you may also need to pay for a business membership.

Be sure you always look for good music license terms that allow you to use the music however you want and as much as you want. The Foximusic catalog was created especially to help grant more freedom to the creators out there.

Royalty free music should be a one-time payment and that’s it kind of thing. Unfortunately, Free downloads are usually being tracked and come with restrictions. On top of that, Free downloads tend to be poor quality and overused.

You can start by searching for the following commercial license terms:

  • Reuse the song in unlimited projects, like for an intro or outro, themed segments, etc.
  • Commercial license terms that allow you to keep all revenue generated by the campaign
  • Publish to all channels, TV, radio, social, resale in a product, software, video games, etc.
  • Duration of license should be in perpetuity so that you never need to renew it, ever.
  • Multiple track versions, long cut, short cut, loop, and permission to edit the track.
  • Guarantee of high fidelity sound quality and.
  • Fast and decent customer service.

If you cannot find 100%  Legit Royalty Free Music store that can offer you all of the above, shop Foximusic. And if you do find one: please let us know!

Video Background Music in Advertising

Once you have a good music store that offers good commercial license terms, the only thing left is to find a really good song. Advertising with video content may be the right strategy for your brand, so you don’t want to choose a song that will distract your viewers. It’s ever so crucial to remember that the background music should remain light-hearted and gentle. You don’t want the volume to be turned down. The goal isn’t to choose a song that you like listening to, the goal is to use the music as a tool.

Video background music in advertising should be professional, friendly, and universal. Everyone will understand the feeling without even thinking about it. Your viewers should ONLY be thinking about the message in the campaign. The same here applies to podcasts and radio. Your listeners will expect to hear music that encourages them to feel hyped about the subject. Remember, you only have but a few seconds, so make them count.

Best practices recommend using more than one song in advertising so as to stir up as much emotion as possible with music. The tempos should be different though, one slow, one medium, and one upbeat. However, you can never go wrong with editing in multiple high tempo tracks throughout your content just to keep it lively. The most common recipe to trigger those emotions is starting off with neutral in-between music, then transferring to downtempo and dramatic. After the dramatic slowdown, gently uplift the spirits again by gradually increasing the tempo to happy and upbeat.

Uplifting Background Music for Corporate Videos

Corporate videos may be different from advertising since they may not be literally promoting anything, however, the content still belongs to the company or brand. For example, some offices create and upload a friendly video tour introducing the team and work environment, or when HR creates a video training program for the employees – use uplifting background corporate music. Even for the slideshow montage of the annual company event – use uplifting background music.

The royalty free corporate music genre is supported by the commercial license terms. As long as the content is for a brand or company, the commercial music license will keep you totally covered. For some of the best uplifting background music for corporate videos and brands, Foximusic has everything you need. Be sure to browse our royalty free music catalog and select the song you like. All of our music is copyright cleared and fully engineered and owned by us, Foximusic.


This track is watermarked by Foximusic and should only be used for testing and previewing purposes. Using this in projects is not allowed.