A Quick Guide on Finding the Right Music for Your Video

Music can become the deepest level of connection between a storyteller and their audience. Choosing the right background music to match the mood throughout the different elements of your video can really make your video stand out and draw more people to engage with your content.

Are you wondering how to choose the right music tracks that perfectly match your content and really draw your audience in – not just set the right tone for your audience, but totally draw them in while they’re watching?


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How to find the most suitable background music for your video
Browse Music Tracks by Collection
Browse Music Tracks by Keywords Search
Can I Use Royalty Free Music on YouTube for Commercial Video?
What Is Royalty-Free Music Licensing Terms?
Foximusic’s Licensing Terms
Background Music for Video – Conclusion


Music Is a Key Factor in Any Video Content

Finding the right background music for your video is definitely a key factor in contributing to your video marketing campaign success.

In fact, background music is one of the MOST underrated tools by the average online marketeers for boosting engagement, increasing watch time, and driving conversions in video ads.

We live in an age where the video is taking over the marketing world. Videos, on average, gain higher conversion rates, views, and engagements than any other form of social media post. Taking advantage of this is vital for brands’ and businesses’ social media strategy.

“At least 50% of your content should be video. Your audiences want to live inside of a video. Stop hiring bloggers, start hiring producers.”
Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO


How to Find the Most Suitable Music Tracks for Your Promotional Video?

There are a few things to take into consideration. First and most importantly would be understanding of the right message you are trying to convey to your potential viewers, customers and followers. Music is a form of language, and so, it’s a wonderful way to attach the right vibe into your video for the sake of amplifying the suitable emotional tone and energy in your message.

The right song at the right time can get you turned on and tapped in, help you get motivated and inspired, get excited or relaxed, get you sad and emphatic, and even get you focused in parts that need your full attention.

Once you figure out how you want your audience to feel while watching your video at each layer of the story-line, then you can search for the right tunes to fuel that vibe emotionally in each section of your video.


At Foximusic, we offer a very simple and intuitive approach when it comes to searching for your desired tune. No need to browse thousands of songs with endless filtering options – you get super focused categories to choose from that we call “Collections” using one smart search bar. In each collection or search results page, you can sort music tracks by Trending Tracks, Most Popular Tracks, and Newly Released Tracks.

Each time a user uses the search bar by entering a keyword, we collect that information so we can analyze the data to understand what types of music people are searching for. Once we have enough data to analyze, we came up with few Collections that are most commonly required by creators.

Check out the latest releases to our catalogue

New Releases

Free Spirit

Light, bouncy, upbeat corporate style soundtrack, creating a cheerful and positive mood.

Moving Forward

Light, bouncy, upbeat music soundtrack, creating a cheerful and positive mood.

Wishful Thinking

Light, bouncy, motivational, upbeat, creating a positive and hopeful mood.

Together We Can

Soft, motivational, upbeat, creating a positive and uplifting mood.


Dark electro soundtrack featuring electric rock guitar riffs, fuzzy bass, synths, and rough electronic drums.

Feels Like Yesterday

Laid-back groovy hip hop lounge with lofi Rhodes and overdrive electric guitar lead.

Funky Lady

Funky, groovy, sexy, fun old-school beat. Creating a luxury and stylish mood.

Reach Out

Motivational, spacey, inspiring, flowing. Creates a soft uplifting mood.

Morning Rises

Bright and pulsing, creates an optimistic and inspirational mood.

A touch of genius

Inspiring, exciting, driving, dynamic. Creating an inspiring and hopeful mood.

Free Spirit

Light, bouncy, upbeat corporate style soundtrack, creating a cheerful and positive mood.

Life’s Journey

An elegant suspenseful cinematic soundtrack for docudrama.

Extreme Sports Rock

Energetic & powerful rock soundtrack for commercial use.

Best Day of My Life

Motivational and uplifting acoustic royalty free background music.

Uplifting Sports Rock

A powerful indie track in an upbeat pop-rock style.

You Can Do It

Positive & motivational music with a confident corporate feel.

Let’s Get Funky

Groovy upbeat 70’s-style black funk music for commercial use.

Hip Hop Beat

Old-school classic Hip Hop beat for lifestyle projects.

Browse Music Tracks by Collection

Music soundtracks for promotional videos can be found in any of our collections. The tone of your video should guide you when it comes to picking the right collection for finding the right tune for you.

Whether you’re running some kind of a lifestyle vlog, or creating a sales video, a case study, editing a documentary, or simply a creating a tutorial “how-to” video, music can help you level up your content.

The first thing to consider is the mood. It’s all about feeling. Everything in a video is about feeling. We want to evoke those feelings and emotions to bring them out at the right time.

So, what is the mood of your video at certain points throughout the script? Is it sad? Is it happy?
Is it hopeful? Is it exciting? What should your viewer be feeling at certain points when watching?

Let’s just take a single case study as an example so I can better explain the concept of how you can make sure that you’re picking the right tracks quickly and using them at the right times throughout your video. In order to evoke the right emotions and feelings in your audience, you must consider the mood or the emotion, of how your viewer might be feeling during your video. Then you can start looking at what types of music will help convey those vibes.

When it comes to making a video case study, here are some tips to consider. Let’s say you run a startup company and are launching a new product with an explainer video… the product is about innovation and technology. In that case, the explainer video will most likely include two opposite tones; one that mentions “the Problem”, and another that talks about “the Solution”.

For the first section, “the Problem”, I would start with the Inspirational background music collection, or Cinematic background music collection, searching for a slow tempo beat, minimal melodic tune that fits best with the story-line. It could be just an underscored piano tune or some easy-going acoustic guitar tune.

For the second section which is uplifting and empowering, “the Solution”, I would start with the Music for tech videos collection, or Inspirational / Emotional background music collection. Again, it depends on the volume of the energy that the story holds at this particular point.

Is it super dramatic?
I would start with “Action / Powerful” collection, or “Epic / Dramatic” collection.

Is it more fun and positive?
I would start with “Happy / Optimistic” collection, or “Fashion / Lifestyle” collection.

Is it more uplifting and energetic?
I would recommend the “Upbeat / Uplifting” collection.

The second thing to consider is the pace of the music and how fast the music actually is.
This is going to play a big role in the general mood of the music as well.

Obviously, if you’ve got fast cuts and fast edits and lots of adrenaline pumped things happening in your edit, you’re going to want upbeat or fast music to match that. If you’re building a much slower emotional piece, then the pace of those music tracks will also need to match.

If you’re building an uplifting video, something where it might start off slow and then build up to a climax point, it should have music that will gradually increase the tempo of the track. You could also try music that will start fast, and then slow down over time and decrease the tempo of the track to create suspense or drama and really build up anticipation for your viewers. Get them excited to be watching your content.

So these first two are really about that emotional connection, and they do go hand in hand. The mood and the pace are really, really important to make that deep connection. Enough trying to tell your viewers what they should be feeling, let the background music do it for you. Background music is designed to do exactly that.

Browse Music Tracks by Keywords

Our search bar functionality is super useful and works like a charm when it comes to finding the right song quickly and intuitively. If we go back to our case study example, I would use the following search terms for the next two sections.

Section one keywords – “sad” or “nostalgic” or “melodic”.
Section two keywords – “uplifting” or “corporate” or “upbeat” or “promotional” or “happy” or “powerful”.

If you have a more specific idea of the right tone you are looking for, it would be most beneficial to use the search bar. For instance, perhaps you are promoting a cool urban brand for a younger audience — feel free to use keyword search terms like “hip-hop” or “sexy” or “lo-fi” or “abstract”, or whatever else pops into your mind. Your entries will be collected and applied to future search categories to help improve the user experience.


So, what are the most popular search terms our users search for? Our most popular searched terms would be – “promotional”, “happy”, “corporate”, “upbeat”, “hip hop”, “rock”, “cinematic”, “drums”, and “strings”. During the holiday seasons, it would definitely be the search term “Christmas” as the most popular one. All kinds of track names are also some of the popular search terms among returning users.

Can I Use Royalty Free Music on YouTube for Commercial Video?

Yes, you can in most cases, but you must keep in mind that you should always double-check the terms of use before downloading or purchasing any media and using it online or offline. You can visit our latest, in-depth articles that talk about music licensing terms – and learn all about the YouTube content ID monetization rules and regulations.

Here at Foximusic, you can use the music you download on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or on any other online media site without any limitations at all! You keep the right to gain monetized revenue from YouTube or any other platform. You can also reuse the same track in a bunch of other videos. Perhaps you want to use a track as intro or outro music for a few videos, or just want to use the same track in multiple videos – you can! The same terms apply to podcasts, YouTube videos, or any other online production.

There are plenty of sites nowadays that offer promotional royalty-free music for you to choose from, so be sure to shop around. Just don’t hold your expectations too high if you are looking for free pieces as in most cases it’s not just the fact that you are dealing with low-quality audio and unprofessional music production, but you are also facing a truly complicated and unclear copyrights use issue that might not be worth your time and effort to deal with. You can read more about why you shouldn’t be using free background music for commercial use here – https://www.foximusic.com/why-you-better-not-use-free-music-on-your-video-campaigns

It is definitely worth your time to look out for the licensing terms and fees, whether it’s a free download or not.

What Is Royalty-free Music Licensing Terms?

Licensing terms are effectively the terms and conditions of using the music tracks as background music in videos and other media created by a person or a company; it’s the rules you need to abide by to stay within the legal clearing when using the music.

For example, the music might be platform limited. Some sellers might only offer their royalty-free music for YouTube solely or for other popular social platforms exclusively, and then they begin charging fees when you reach higher traffic on your website or blog. If you intend to use the music for commercial purposes, then the prices could skyrocket.

Some platforms also base their pricing model around your social following. If you are a small creator, this won’t affect you, but for someone with hundreds of thousands of followers or subscribers, the price tag could scale up real fast.

You may also be limited to the number of projects you can use the audio for. Many audio providers only allow you to use a song once per project and any additional project usage may cost you extra.

Keep these points in mind and read the music license terms as you search and you should be fine.

Foximusic’s Licensing Terms

Foximusic offers a large selection of tracks that are both 100% royalty-free and at affordable prices.

All music work in our collection are produced and owned solely by Foximusic, so you’ll never have to worry about copyright and royalties. Music can be used for both advertising and entertainment projects on multiple platforms.

For more, detailed information, please visit our License & Pricing section.

Our music style selection is quite vast, you can find epic scores for high action videos, as well as soothing melodies for something more chill and low-key. So, whatever you’re looking for, chances are you will find it.

Pump Up the Volume

Background music soundtracks for videos have always been a wonderful communication tool for content creators and storytellers to allow their audience to resonate with their story – while getting the right emotional feelings that music can amplify – at the right time, with the right picture, and with just the right words.

Creating a video is a form of art or a piece of entertainment if you like, no matter if it’s a fashion lifestyle vlog, or an unboxing video for a new fruit mixer – like any form of art, you should deliver the right energy and vibes to draw the attention from your viewers to keep them in-sync with your story or message.

We are here to offer you a great collection of well-produced, high-quality music for your promotional videos to be used as emotional triggers for your story and the success of your brand. All music tracks are copyrights clear for using online and offline by purchasing a suitable license. We write and produce the music ourselves, so we are also the sole owner of the music copyrights. We don’t trade with other musicians or copyrights holders or licensees. We sell a license to use our music with the best terms available on the market today.

Set your volume to a comfortable listening level and enjoy browsing our music collections. Have fun!


This track is watermarked by Foximusic and should only be used for testing and previewing purposes. Using this in projects is not allowed.